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Justified Equality

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Justified Equality

Oppress a man and he will rise to the top. Give a man equality he will be pacified and handed a false perception of being at the ” top” .


By Asher Mutandiro

Think of a world where resources are distributed equally , Marxism per say. Everyone has the same wage, same job, the house is the same quality and we get the same resources equally. So per say no one is wealthier than the other, there is no labour exploitation and we all have the same lifestyle. Sounds like a good life right, fair and perfect.

Truth be told the measure of equality does not motivate, we can’t all be equal. That’s why we have those in power and those out of power. The ruling or elitist class and the masses. There is no in between. The question to be asked is why society is structured the way it is. Is it to oppress?, yes. Is it to motivate? Yes. The sociologists and the media will preach that such a system is oppressive but what they forget to tell you is that it motivates. Motivation in the status quo of oppression. What’s the form of motivation in the face of oppression or inequality?

An individual grows up in a society that is a reflection of resources inequality but has the motivation to rise above. Two cases can happen to this individual. Case one, the individual can have a poor future, that will be terrorized by the elements of misfortune. If they choose not rise above the circumstances, the issue though is that inequality will pull this individual down back to the slumps. If they hold no motivation to sustain themselves through the oppression of inequality then they will be victims of society inequality.

Then there is case 2 of this individual. Who witnesses the measure of inequality and oppression. Realizes how there is the elitist with seven times more than they have and too much wealth to sustain themselves. We have an inequality and oppression situation. But in case 2, the individual is motivated through the status quo to rise to ” the top” which is described by a matrix. The question is what made case 2 better than case 1, is it because of the power of will and motivation. Yes it is, but from where did it come from.

It came from the inequality experienced, if case 2 had experienced a measure of equality where everything was equal, no one was above the other in terms of resources then their lives would have remained the same. For it is a matrix of deceit that if resources are equally distributed then life would be better, it’s a matter of equity not equality.

To rise a status quo of oppression, with inequality at it’s center is the motivation to rise to the top. A society of oppression, inequality, class structures and discrimination are the ingredients to the motivation to rise above it.

The measure of equality creates a dull and easy to control of individual. One who is pacified and does not question what they are told or taught. What an individual believes to be true, is it true because they were told so and never looked any further. The structure of society,  it’s pursuit of equality is it the way to go and do people believe it’s true because they have been told and never looked any further.

For if an individual becomes a victim of the measure of equality they become subtle, soft, extremely pacified. Where by you end becoming a victim of the oppressed who will vulture such an individual.

The equality that society strives for amongst itself in a status quo of oppression is a smoking mirror. For no one wants to be equal to the next man because of inequality experienced in society. The inequality will lead an individual to drive up himself to the top losing the norms of society and relatively stamping on the fellow man to rise to the top.

Oppress a man and he will rise to the top. Give a man equality he will be pacified and handed a false perception of being at the “top”. Man can never be equal, even religious deities have their own religious classes.

It’s a matter of equity not equality, a system of oppression that has lied that equality is the way that even got Karl Marx and his socialism ideologies to be wrong or impractical. Should we support oppression, inequality and corruption in a status quo to motivate an individual to rise to the top ? Has much as the people distaste the truth or the society they are part of. The same society will not change, oppression will happen, inequality will happen and all other aspects deemed negative. What is the solution, can society resolve itself and evolve rather than experience a  revolution.

An individual should separate himself from society and assert his own independence without the lies of societal norms. Better a dead man or a man who died fighting to rise above than a man living under society oppression of false norms

iNgudukazi Magazine is a publication for the African woman. We know she is a jewel and a fountain of wisdom and we would like to celebrate her reverence. For the culture of woman.

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