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Letter from the Editor: I love LOVE! ❤️

From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: I love LOVE! ❤️

But it’s not going to be a Valentine’s like any other, we’re going to switch things up so expect the most!

Hello February! I can’t believe it’s been a month already. I know some of our readers are excited to be out of the woods (financially). I’m personally excited because I’ve finally completed the 21-day Corporate Fast that was being hosted at my church. Moving on, bring on the plate, the dates and the mimosas.

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We’ve just entered the second month of the year and you know what that means…. Valentine’s is coming! But it’s not going to be a Valentine’s like any other, we’re going to switch things up so expect the most! Also, as your sis, I have to prepare you. This year is a leap year, so we have to treat the gents this time around.

Will you be asking your crush to be your Valentine?

February is an amazing opportunity for you to take stock of what love means to you and what it looks like for you. Just take time to ask yourself, “what is love?” When you know the answer to that simple question, you’ll be able to withstand the Valentine pomp.

On a lighter note…

This month, we’ve got a little something for everyone, get excited for a treat. Before I get into that, I wanted to announce that we’ve got a WhatsApp Channel now whoop whoop! I encourage you all to join the channel to keep up with what’s going on, new articles and other exciting updates.

The channel is just a link away:

Right, so if you’re in our WhatsApp channel, you already know that this year we’ve hit the ground running. All our stats are on the uppety-up and we value your support. As a reward, February will be a month of non-stop, back-to-back articles. Hopefully, this will more than make up for the time we were away.

For those of you who’d like to share your personal stories for our Personal Struggle column, you’re more than welcome to email me on editor[@]

I’m not Noxolo but best believe, ngiyanithanda none emakhaya! Have a great Valentine’s month filled with love, peace and joy!

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