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Natsumi Miyata also known as DJ KING HER


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Natsumi Miyata also known as DJ KING HER

Natsumi Miyata also known as DJ KING HER

It’s a very cool and fun career but it takes a lot of work, consistency, drive and patience.



DJ KING HER formally known as Natsumi Miyata, is an Open Format DJ, Radio Host, Television Presenter, Graphic Designer and Producer. DJ KING HERs diverse background includes experience in quality assurance auditing, marketing, sales, and social media. This not only honed her business skills but also helped her build a strong personal brand. The multi-talented artist blends her Zimbabwean and Japanese Heritage.

She discovered her artistic side early on, excelling in painting and graphic design. But her talents extended beyond the visual arts – she also has a passion for music and dance.We were first introduced to her at the Amplifaya Fest when she performed quite the electric set. Her dedication and appreciation of local music is what made her a fan favourite. In 2022, she released her debut single titled – Kuonga: meaning to be thankful. The chorus holds a surprise for all the Shona Zimbabwean mom out there!


What initially sparked your passion for DJing?

Music has always been a therapeutical tool for me, being able to create unique memories and collaborate on various projects within the arts has been the main source of my passion.

Who are some DJs or musicians who have inspired your career and style?

I would say that I offer a unique style of my own as an Artist. I am half Japanese and half Zimbabwean, the unique fusion of culture within itself creates a different perspective of combining the two cultures. DJs or Musicians that have inspired me

How did you get your start as a DJ?

I was working three jobs when I started in the DJ industry here in Zimbabwe, at that time I was a Television Presenter and Graphic Designer for a local television network. On weekends I would network with various DJs from within the club circuit community and try and involve myself within the rotation within Club residencies, events and online presence as well as consistency.

What is the music scene like in Zimbabwe? What are some unique elements that set it apart?

What sets us apart musically in Zimbabwe is out unique sound, traditional instruments have played a great part in our music as it creates a special element within various genres.

How would you describe your DJ style? What genres of music do you typically play?

I am an Open Format DJ, this means I play all genres of music. Usually DJs specialise in genre specific categories, I chose open format because it complements who I am as an artist, for me music is limitless, sounds and melodies change over periods of time. My niche would be high energy and charisma.

What is your process for curating your sets? How do you ensure the music caters to a diverse audience?

When curating my sets I like to include tracks that are timeless time capsules, there is always a great sense of harmony when a crowd sings along to your set.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a female DJ in Zimbabwe?

Some of the biggest challenges female DJs in Zimbabwe face is the common stereotype of the industry being male dominated. Another challenge is not having enough PR on the DJ industry itself as a whole.

How do you connect with your audience during your sets?

I love to engage with my audience during my sets, from shout outs on the microphone to collaboration with choreographers and musicians, there will always be an element of surprise during each performance.

Have you witnessed any memorable reactions or experiences from the crowd at your shows?

Yes, many times!!! Marriage proposals, the chanting for me to go back on stage, as well as the great feedback after a performance. Feedback is great for knowing how to track your progress, interact with your fans and motivate you to keep creating art.

Do you ever incorporate traditional Zimbabwean music or elements into your sets? If so, how?

I have experimented with our unique traditional sounds and elements in my music production projects, in my DJ sets there are hints and samples included. Thank you for such a great question, I should include more elements for a much richer set ☺

What role do you believe DJs play in the Zimbabwean music scene?

As a DJ we love to experiment with sounds and tracks in a playlist for a set or performance, this is done by creating remixes, pushing an artists music through DJ residencies and club circuit rotation. DJs are also indulging in the music production scene and collaboration with various artists within the industry as well as showcasing a unique digital sound.

Have you had the opportunity to collaborate with any international artists?

Yes I have collaborated with various international artists, my most recent project is with Shermanology featuring Verseless and King Her called “Jabula” it is a Techno x Afro Jacking House x Amapiano with over 120k views on YouTube and is really making waves in European EDM scene.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future of music in Zimbabwe?

My hopes and aspirations for the future of music in Zimbabwe is, for our music to reach unlimited growth, be it in film and television, gaming arts, international musical charts and a great tool used to unite our diverse creativity as a country.

Do you have any advice for aspiring DJs male or female, especially those in Zimbabwe?

It’s a very cool and fun career but it takes a lot of work, consistency, drive and patience.

Beyond music, are there any other creative projects or initiatives you are passionate about?

King Her Academy will officially start workshops on teaching upcoming DJs the key elements to the art itself as well as theory classes on the business of music. New music collaborations with local and international artists and new ways to engage with my audience and fans.

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