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Press Release: Lady Tshawe Presents “Unfrozen Soul” A Solo Poetry Show

Lady Tshawe Unfrozen Art


Press Release: Lady Tshawe Presents “Unfrozen Soul” A Solo Poetry Show

Lady Tshawe Unfrozen Art Lady Tshawe is set to present a solo poetry show dubbed “Unfrozen Soul” at Sabela Studios (ZITF), Bulawayo. The poetry show comes after her successful performance with Songs of Queen Lozikeyi at the recently held Expo Dubai 2020.

The shows name came up as Lady Tshawe took a reflection of her personal life, where she believes she is now coming into her own and now fully understands who she is mentally and spiritually. “Like a caged bird set free, I feel like my soul has been thawing hence the name “unfrozen soul”, I now understand life better.”

Lady Tshawe kick started her career in 2014 by launching a poetry anthology `”Inscriptions of an Inspired Soul.” She fused both music and poetry into a package which became a part of her signature within the spoken word community. In the last 8 years Lady Tshawe has been heavily involved in various projects within the arts sector including being an Actress, theatre writer and director, with her 2020 production 6.55 winning an outstanding theatre production at the Bulawayo Arts Awards.

Unfrozen Soul will be produced by Sabela Projects a company that has been heavily involved in promoting her work since she started her creative journey. Tickets to the show will be available for USD$5.

At the event which be hosted a day before her 32nd birthday Tshawe will be launching her second book titled “Revelations in winter.” At this event I will celebrate all things I have learnt over the years and take time to reflect on my personal journey in the arts, hence being done a day before my birthday, it is my hope that all who have followed my work will be a part of the event.” – Lady Tshawe

Lady Tshawe artistic style embodies her ability aspirations and achievements as an artist. She comes from a rich line of Nguni creative thinkers and is inspired by her father who is a poet

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