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“Shiy’ indoda eDubai!” – Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau

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“Shiy’ indoda eDubai!” – Khanyi Mbau

Instead of judging Khanyi Mbau, just focus on yourself and getting someone to take you to Dubai.

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau

The outcry by men who can’t afford to even take a woman to Dubai has inspired this post. Posts like Khanyi Mbau kabe lenhloni (must have shy) strewn across the timeline. What is it with you and always wanting to see a woman shamed, disgraced, curling into a ball, going into hiding all in the name of having shy? Littering social media with your ignorance like political posters during election season. There’s a couple of lessons to be learned in this Dubai story (the little that we know.)


Turn lemons into lemonade

Khanyi Mbau left her mans in Dubai for reasons unknown. She was meant to have gone to the salon and yet she was on a first class flight back to South Africa. There were speculations over what transpired in Dubai to make her ditch so clandestinely. She didn’t give us an explanation. She owes us nothing TBH. She razzled and dazzled her way out of giving us a story. As a content creator, she gave us content! She served entertainment. That song is a banger and I can’t wait to blast the full version in December! She’s milking the monetary benefits of a potentially heartbreaking and humiliating situation. Get the money where it’s at.

Her financial freedom is sickening

Wives are struggling to leave husbands who are in the same city as her parents. Girls are being taken to the outskirts of town and having unwanted sex just because they don’t have their own ride home. Women are trapped in bad situations, jobs, marriages, etc from which they can’t seem to escape. How dare Khanyi Mbau up and leave just like that? We secretly envy her bravery and ability to be slick with it. She didn’t even return on an economy class ticket, she came back first class! The hoe-dacity! Khanyi Mbau’s financial freedom is a nightmare for a lot of stingy men who use money as a weapon for control over women. Far be it from them to be with a woman who can afford the decisions that she makes. How dare she phunyuka bemphethe!?! In the lap of luxury no gaal!

If Khanyi Mbau was a man…

First things first, Khanyi gave as good as she got plus tax! Kudzi was spilling his feelings in the air. Dirty laundry in front of phamb’ kwabantu. He didn’t even cover it with a towel for privacy. Why should Khanyi spare him, did he spare her? We’ve all done/thought of petty things when our feelings were hurt. We respond differently. Some of us are unfortunate that we can’t monetise our pain. That’s the real tragedy. Kudzi did what he had to on a public platform, she retaliated with an appearance fee as a bonus. Please note that Khanyi gave us nothing new on the situation, she regurgitated what people on social media have been saying about her stint in Dubai. She did not embarrass the man any further. She literally picked up the rocks which had been thrown at her and made the best out of that situation. If Khanyi was a man, he would have left Kudzi in Dubai with unpaid bills, no passport and no way home. We’ve been telling women to leave when they see red flags or when they feel unsafe (for whatever reason,) Khanyi does that and she’s the bad guy? Spare me.

Basadi, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You don’t have to stand trial for any of your life choices. You are well within your rights to leave any situation which no longer serves you. Leave like you’re coming back. Confuse the enemy. Have the money to underwrite your life choices. If there’s a cheque to be made, make it. Haters will never pay your bills. Stay true to your brand. Keep your name on their lips. Give them fluff but don’t give them the facts. Entertain them, don’t educate them on facts about your life. As the one song goes in Chicago, “Give ’em the old razzle-dazzle!” That’s showbiz.

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