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Sindisiwe Matseliso Tshuma of Art.tsie Gifts


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Sindisiwe Matseliso Tshuma of Art.tsie Gifts

Ladies and gentleman meet Sindisiwe Matseliso Tshuma a 23-year-old artist, craftswoman, graphic designer and mother to the naughtiest, explorative little boy on the planet.

Art.tsie is an all rounded, gift emporium that has select jewellery, stationery, assorted treats, bouquets, gift bags, gift boxes, gift cards, explosion boxes, song dedications, key chains, 3D box gifts, regular frames and so much more. You name it she can get it, if she can’t get it best believe she’ll make it from scratch (or at least attempt to). Talk about a queen dedicated to the cause.

Her current aspiration in her own words:

Since my son was born, I have been inspired to mould the young future of Zimbabwe. That being said, Art.tsie wants to open an art studio in the near future for anyone whose willing to learn a new skill regardless of age. Luckily during my time in high school at Petra College, I did Design and Technology which has become a solid foundation for Art.tsie. This foundation has been solidified during my time at Polytechnic where I am studying Applied Art & Design thus Art.tsie was able to make a brand new comeback this year. Spreading good vibes in this transitional period. Thanks to the support of my family, I was able to challenge myself into accomplishing the goals that I wanted until now, without them I highly doubt I’d be where I’m standing now.

What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to customer service?

My strengths would be that I’m patient and that’s a superpower in this line of work, I am able to consult and work together with the customer to meet their perfect gift idea. I also ensure that the gift is exactly to the client’s specifications.

I’d say my weaknesses would be the fact that I work alone at the moment and having many orders becomes a challenge sometimes. Another factor is delivery distances for customers are sometimes too far, resulting in extra charges. Other than that, everything is great!

Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer. What was the situation, and how did you resolve it?

Art.tsie takes about 12 to 48 hours to process orders. A client came through with 4 hours to deliver and on two separate occasions Art.tsie delivered. With everything done from scratch. Just ask Faith and Abel LOL!

How do you stay organised and manage multiple tasks at once?

I use WhatsApp Business to keep tabs on my orders and customers and star the important details regarding the order placement/details.

Are you familiar with any gift-giving trends or etiquette?

Yes, I always try to keep up with what is trending and track what is going around and that personal touch, for me, is important.

Are you familiar with different gift-giving occasions and cultural variations in gift etiquette?

Yes, I’m familiar with different gift giving occasions and cultural variations in gift-giving etiquette. For example, Art.tsie can adopt a certain tone to suit different cultures in the form of colours, the tone of the words being used, symbology, to deliver an impactful message that not only touches your feelings but enables you to experience it.

What are some of the unique selling points of your gift service?

There’s everything for everyone, ALL AGES are catered for. I don’t discriminate no one’s too young or too old to be gifted by Art.tsie.

A customer comes to you with a very vague idea for a gift. How would you help?

I usually ask what age they’re ordering for, gender, relation to the person they want to gift, and of course the reason for the season meaning the occasion. Then we work from there, I offer samples as to what we can work with to best suit them or if the customer has their own ideas, we can implement those or even merge ideas.

A customer is on a tight budget but still wants to find a meaningful gift. What are some suggestions you would give them?

I have meaningful gifts from as little as $5. For example, I recently implemented the A6 glass frame that can be personalised for all occasions it has a QR code at the back that can be scanned and a song dedication plays on YouTube through the use of their phone. Same idea can be implemented into the Glass Acrylic 6x5cm key chain. I also have mini chocolate bar bouquet with a blend of Polaroid pictures plus personalised mini card for only $15.

A customer needs a last-minute gift for a special occasion. How would you help them choose something quickly and efficiently?

⁠I usually send sample ideas of what I’ve done before as I’m familiar with the prices and location to source materials needed for final product. That usually speeds up the process but still ensures that I’m offering the best service possible.

How do you build rapport with customers and understand their needs and preferences?

⁠I’m constantly posting products on my statuses, with captions that encourage feedback and ideas from clients. With the information gathered I take note and find effective ways to improve Art.tsie.

Describe your communication style. How do you keep clients informed throughout the gift-giving process?

WhatsApp for Art.tsie is the best platform for communication I’m always a text away. If I’m not getting instant feedback, I simply just save the work, then address the next order and the moment I get feedback from a previous work order I get on it as swiftly as possible and once I’ve confirmed that we are on the same page then I print and construct cards/packaging.

What do you do when a client is uncertain about a gift choice? How do you guide them to the perfect selection?

Firstly, we discuss, if we don’t reach a verdict, I then offer more sample ideas until we find something that they like.

What steps do you take to ensure timely and accurate delivery of gifts?

The moment an order comes through I work on it. Then I label it “order complete” or “payment pending ” defending on the status of the order then put on record the collection date.

Are you familiar with any local vendors or artisans who offer unique gift items?


@Miss Pana’s Jewellery (specialises in personalised jewellery) we work together as she makes jewellery, we make packaging for the jewellery customised to the customers specifications.
@reign_beauty_retailers – online store
@Themba Mthue Art – local Bulawayo artist
@Byo Online Shop – personalised name jewellery & cups

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to fulfil a challenging or unique gift request.

When Art.tsie was starting out, finding suppliers was difficult and where I’m based is far in terms of location so I had to commute and had limited time to find material as I’d have to go back home earlier as transportation was difficult to find.

At that time, it was difficult to find clients as the brand had not become an established name. The most difficult was a pop-up piano card that took me 2weeks to construct and paint due to the details I had made. That was 2020. My recent project, wasn’t the most difficult, but due to the scarcity of materials, it became difficult or the hardest I had to craft, since I had to make the missing components for it. It had scramble pieces spelling “Best Friends” that I had to paper create into the tone of the sample given.

How do you handle budget constraints when selecting gifts? Can you offer options for different price points?

Yes, I do offer different price points. I do quotations and give various options of gifts to let the customer decide which option is feasible for them. Then start working once we agree on price including labour costs.

Describe your experience in the gift service industry. What kind of gifts have you helped select and send?

It is TAXING AND WORTH IT! When I say taxing but worth it, it’s because sometimes I have to sacrifice sleep in order to meet deadlines because sometimes, I can create a logo that could take up to 6hrs. In the event a customer doesn’t like it I have to redo it in order to meet their expectations but in the end it’s worth it. I get to see how much happiness and joy I have spread and I’m able to put a use to the talent that God has given me.

What do you believe makes a great gift?

Emotion and intention put behind it, is what transforms even the smallest of gifts into the greatest!

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