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3 Affordable Remedies For Increased Hair Growth.

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3 Affordable Remedies For Increased Hair Growth.

These remedies are most likely something you already have within your home. You can use them to make a Do It Yourself concoction to get those follicles stimulated & hair growing.

Short hairstyles are so much fun! But what happens when you want to regrow your hair? With so many products out there it can get really difficult to tell which one will work for you. Not to mention, your wallet might not agree with the choice most recommended to you. Fear not, here’s 3 Simple D.I.Y remedies that can give you the hair growth boost you looking for.

These remedies also work well to thicken a thinning head of hair & aid in regrowth of bald patches (so long as it’s not permanent or medical).

DIY Remedies For Growth.

These remedies are most likely something you already have within your home. You can use them to make a Do It Yourself concoction to get those follicles stimulated & hair growing. But if DIY is not your thing, then there are store bought products you can try at the end of this article, so please keep reading.


As unlikely as it sounds, onions can be used for hair growth. Onions contain sulfur, I know this sounds like a very scary chemical, but sulfur is great at promoting hair growth, thickening & strong healthy hair.

Sulfur is basically a sub-component of protein. If you remember your science lessons, lol, protein’s most basic function is tissue building & repair. Because of this, onion can help to repair damaged hair. Sulfur also promotes collagen production. You’re probably wondering what collagen is & why it’s important? Well… collagen is the main protein in the structure of the skin & it’s connection tissue, so by using onion on your scalp, it helps to keep the scalp healthy. And a happy, healthy scalp translates to hair growth.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits onion provides:

  • Soothing an inflamed scalp.
  • Soothing an itchy scalp.
  • Reducing hair loss.
  • Reducing the risk of premature greying.
  • Thickens up hair, ie makes it appear more dense.
  • Strengtens dry & brittle hair.

How To Use Onion.

There are a few ways you can use onion, however, the most simple ways to use it would be:

  1. Dicing a small onion & boiling it in about 2 cups of water. You can use this water as a final rinse after you have fully washed and rinsed your hair. You could also apply this to ur edges for a few minutes, before rinsing off. NOTE that red onion is best, but any onion you have on hand is fine to use.
  2. Adding dried/ ground onion into your favourite oil/butter. How much you want to use depends on you, but it’s best to let the oil/butter/hair food remain untouched for about a week, to soak up the benefits the onion has to offer.

Alternatives to onion would be garlic or ginger.


I have been natural for a few years now & the best DIY ingredient I have ever tried is aloe Vera.

Aloe contains many great nutrients to help stimulate blood circulation in the area it’s applied to. Thus, applying aloe to the scalp, will increase blood circulation under the scalp, which then boosts the growth rate from the roots of the hair follicles. Examples of the nutrients within aloe are vitamins A, B-12, C & E, as well as follic acids. These minerals also aid in reducing the risk of potential hair loss (provided the hair loss is not caused by traction- ie heavy braids & tight ponytails & medical conditions). Like onion, aloe Vera also contains collagen, so it also helps to promote a healthy scalp too.

A quick look at the benefits:

  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Softens & hydrates hair.
  • Soothes an itchy/ inflamed scalp.
  • Repairs & nourishes damaged hair strands.

Quick warning, some people are actually allergic to Aloe Vera, so test a small patch on your arm before attempting to use this all over your scalp. Another thing is that not all aloe plants were created equal, some are actually poisonous. Try to look for the species called Aloe Barbandensis Miller, which is the one typically used in cosmetics. It’s characterised by having small white dots at a young age, but as the plant matures, the dots lessen or completely disappear.

Alternative to aloe vera plant would be the prickly pear cactus.

3. MINT.

Mint contains menthol. This is what gives products containing mint a cooling, tingling sensation. It also alters the smell and taste of the mint. When applied to the scalp, the menthol stimulates blood circulation, allowing for an increased rate of hair growth.

Hair loss/ thinning can sometimes be caused by lack of blood circulation in the scalp, and this is what makes mint a great candidate for increased hair growth. A quick list of benefits are:

  • Anti-inflamatory.
  • Anti-microbial.
  • Increased blood circulation.

How To Use Mint.

Its always best to use dried mint in the following methods:

  1. Add some boiled water in a cup with the dried mint. Let steep for several minutes, until cooled. Strain the leaves & use the water, in a spray bottle, on your hair & scalp.
  2. Add some dried mint to your favourite butter,oil or hair food & let sit untouched for about a week. Use as desired.

Alternatives to mint are lavender and eucalyptus.

Please note that most natural remedies will not give you an inch over night. They will not give you the same results as taking biotin pills or hair growth supplements. However, they do work to give your hair an added growth boost. Also note, that the edges are the most fragile part on your entire head of hair, so regrowing your edges from scratch may take a lot longer than regrowing any other part of your hair.

If you’re someone who doesn’t really have the time for DIY products, then the following store bought products may be a good alternative to you.

  1. Sulphur8.
  2. Dermatol.
  3. Virgin hair fertiliser.
  4. Essential oils (peppermint, spare mint, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus).

***Please take note that essential oils are meant to be diluted in carrier oils (e.g olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil). Essential oils are extremely volatile & can burn you if used directly.***

I don’t suggest using hairfood, as it usually contains mineral oil, which can tend to block pores. However, I have seen many women receive an increase in growth from using hair food.

I love D.I.Y's, blogging and helping the natural hair community to grow their hair. Blogger| natural hair enthusiast| brand ambassador.

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