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Queening With Natural Hair

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Queening With Natural Hair

Someone once said to me Natural Hair growers think they own a share of the African Continent. It may be taken as savage on Naturalistas but looking deeply into the whole thing, these people do own a percentage of Africa.

By Nyarie Bakie
At one point it was most if not every African woman’s nightmare but surprisingly tables have turned over the years and keeping natural hair has become most African women’s sweet dream, a dream they never wanna wake up from. Over the years Natural Hair has gained popularity in the black community whereas in the past women used to apply various chemicals to straighten their hair, all because they envied white people’s hair. Now it’s different, natural hair is being used to cement black identity. Something I would like to call the “Blaq Diamond” take over. Natural hair becomes the crown that African women had lost and have recently gained, hence the phrase “My Hair My Crown”.

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What triggered this article is the realisation that there are still misconceptions about growing natural hair that are still lingering in people’s minds and exist as a discouragement to some women who have at one point thought of growing natural hair. It’s expensive!! It’s a Hassle to Comb!! It’s Time Consuming!! It lacks that “Finishing Touch.” These are some of the statements I heard when I asked people what they think about growing natural hair. This article aims to shed light on what you need to keep your natural hair on point and own that African crown that so many white women envy. Funny how we envy theirs too LOL.

Engagements with a couple of “Naturalistas” opened my eyes and I thought some Zimbabwean girl needs to here this too. Firstly I share what they say it feels like to have long natural hair that looks like you the face of some hair product yet you some girl from Mpopoma nje.

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Someone once said to me Natural Hair growers think they own a share of the African Continent. It may be taken as savage on Naturalistas but looking deeply into the whole thing, these people do own a percentage of Africa. You know why? Because they are proud African Queens. Queens that are not shy of where they come from, the type of hair they have or anything else. This feeling can only be shared among people who are proud of their origins, no need for a chemical to alter what is naturally yours. Owning a part of Africa means enjoying the benefits of being African and it all starts from embracing all that is African, even the kinky, curly HAIR.

One of the naturalistas I talked to told me there is no greater feeling than that of owning your look, knowing your look is for you by you and not attribute it to some chemicals or some extension. “Natural Hair makes me feel like an African Queen.” If you have been stalling the whole Natural Hair growing process because of the weird things you have heard about growing it, here’s what I have to tell you. Keeping Natural hair is a commitment: a commitment to growing it well, a commitment to your identity and above all a commitment to your thrown. Naturalistas are African Hair Queens!!

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To start growing natural hair you need to choose either the “Big Chop” or Transition from chemical hair by keeping your hair off chemicals for a certain period of time then trim off the chemical hair ends. Most of all

1: know your hair type so that you will know the type of treatment it needs.
2: Stick to protective hairstyles to avoid hair damage
3: Wash your hair frequently
4: Don’t let your hair stay dry for a long time to avoid breakage.

Some may say washing your hair regularly will lead to hair shrinkage and what not. Tell you what SHRINKAGE IS REAL BUT NORMAL. Shrinkage doesn’t mean your hair grows back and becomes shorter but it shows that your hair is healthy- moisturised and has good elasticity so RELAX. Shrinkage is a sign of uniqueness of African curly crowns so be proud and not stress. All you need to do is make sure your hair stays clean and moisturised, only then will you enjoy styling it however you want without being scared of it being sore. After all has been said and done remember hair needs you to care for it properly or else you will not enjoy growing it. Use natural oils, hair shampoos, spray your hair regularly even with water and use the right comb that is suitable for your hair length. Join the “Blaq Diamond” take over and wear your African Crown with pride.

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