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Book Review: How To Get The Best Out Of College by Tatenda Rungisa

Book Review: How To Get The Most Out Of College by Tatenda Rungisa

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Book Review: How To Get The Best Out Of College by Tatenda Rungisa

iThe book ‘How To Get The Best Of College’ by Tatenda Rungisa offers advice and guidance for students looking to embark on their tertiary education, students who find themselves at the end of their journey in tertiary education, and all the students in between. Each chapter touches on different issues that affect students whether it’s to do with academics, social life or more personal issues and is divided into comprehensive sections.

The book was well written with good advice that I as a current tertiary education student can vouch for and also use in my own journey. The advice was simple and straight to the point, and it touched on a whole lot of issues that affect a lot of students, especially Zimbabwean students.

I feel there were some parts where the author kept repeating herself and winding around certain points, but apart from that, her book was well written and very easy to understand which is very important in a book like hers with the main purpose of giving advice.

Tatenda Rungisa was very good at explaining all the different situations she found herself in, drawing important lessons from those situations and explaining them. She dove deep into a number of issues she faced and gave practical solutions for some of the problems she herself faced during her time as a student. She had a lot of self-awareness and did not sugarcoat things about herself and about the reality of tertiary education. She was definitely not afraid to show her audience, the good, the bad and of course, the ugly.

Not only did Rungisa speak on the academic journey, she gave some really great tips on getting attachment and getting the most out of that part of the tertiary education journey. She also spoke about what comes after the happy graduation process. Her openness about this part of adulthood is definitely something I myself needed and know for a fact other students will need too, because most of us have a bit of a naïve outlook on life after graduation, especially considering our economy. Every single page of this book held a valuable lesson on how to deal with different events in life and in the tertiary education journey. As I come to my conclusion, allow me to leave you with a very valuable lesson from Rungisa’s novel.

It is wise to accept that people change and always know that in most circumstances we will someday be separated from the people we love to spend time with the most. Be ready for the separation but before it happens, draw the best benefits from their presence – Tatenda Rungisa

I give this book five stars. This is an authentic piece of work which I am honestly glad to have had the honor  of reading and to share with you all today. I recommend this book both to parents and students , those looking to embark on the tertiary education journey as well as those already on it.

If you want to learn more awesome lessons which I guarantee will make your life as a college student easier, you can contact Tatenda and get the book for 10USD$. You can connect with her on the link below:

https://www.facebook .com/tatenda.rungisa

Hello! My name's Samkeliso Ncube and I am a hopeless romantic, a whimsical soul and a book worm. When I'm not studying, you can catch me reading a good romance novel, or writing book reviews and think pieces on anything and everything. I hope you enjoy my work and we have awesome and interesting conversations!

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