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Galentine’s is coming! Where is your gal friend?

Galentine's with my sisters

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Galentine’s is coming! Where is your gal friend?

There are so many fun ways to spend time with friends and loved ones!

Here’s a few ideas about how you and your faves can celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Galentine's with my sisters

The gals God blessed me with for life!

Galentine’s? Yes Galentine’s, you definitely read that right. So this one’s for the girlie’s. Valentine’s day doesn’t just have to be about you and your partner, you can celebrate your girlfriends as well. All the girls have a clique/squad whatever you want to call it, you get the idea. Either way all girls have a small camp of gal pals and it’s time to shower them with love and TLC.

According to Wikipedia, “Galentine’s Day is a global holiday that celebrates women’s friendship. Galentine’s Day is typically marked as February 13, but can be observed any day between February 1 and Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day events are typically all-female occasions of mutual “empowerment…a reminder for women to support and uplift one another.”

So now that you have discovered the best day of the year, why not organise a brunch, a dinner, or even a wine and cheese night? You could also consider throwing a party, exchanging gifts, or booking a relaxing spa day. There are so many fun ways to spend time with friends and loved ones!

Here’s a few ideas about how you and your faves can celebrate Galentine’s.

For the casual girlies

You can’t go wrong with a picnic my loves. You could choose a friend’s place or if you’re in Harare Matenba village is the ideal picnicking spot. Make yourself a cute charcuterie board, some chilled wine, a wide selection of your favourite snacks and throw on some cute lil’ summer dresses. You could even do a rainbow picnic with a twist, the colour palette could be shades of red. And remember to document these wholesome moments for days when days are dark.

If you’re not the outdoors type and you’re in Harare there’s a restaurant by Sam Levy’s Village called Coco Mia and if you’re in Blues there’s La Cucina Bistro in Suburbs. They’re both such great places to just sit down, unwind and catch up with the girls. The aesthetics are breathtaking and you can get a couple of cute selfies and videos for your socials and just for memories’ sake.

An old fashioned sleepover

Find a clean, spacious AirBnb, book it for the night/weekend and just have a regular sleepover/slumber party. Order snacks and food, stock up the fridge, bring all your favourite board games and just live it up with your girls. I suggest you invest the Zimbabwean version of 30 seconds, it’s called ZimSecond you’ll have a blast testing your general knowledge of Zimbabwe.

Galentine’s for the night time glam girls

If you’re one of those girlie’s who think the night time is the right time, never fear Noni’s here. I have something for you too. Girls get your hair done, nails did, face beat and those edges laid. Have yourselves a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, treat yo’selves baby girls. You deserve it! I saw this cute concept on TikTok where girlies are dressing up as grannies and hitting the strees and painting the town red. What girl doesn’t like dress up? I’m dying to throw a meme-themed party myself and have people come through dressed as their favourite memes. I love themed parties with a dress code!


The Granny’s was outsideeeeee and a time was definitely had!! Grab ya girls, dress up as old ladies & go to a lit brunch spot!! Its definitely one for the books #granny #grannybrunch #grannygang #atl #atlbrunch #girlgang #tsbrunchbar #grannyoutside

♬ This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

For the girlies who wanna keep it simple

With conflicting schedules, work and adulting, life upon us I can understand how some of you would fall under this category. It happens it’s called LIFE. You could just do a secret Santa but Galentine’s themed LOL. Put everyone’s name on a piece of paper and have each person draw a name. That way everyone feels the love.

Let me know which one you’ll be trying for Galentine’s Day and share other ways that you can think of to celebrate The Girls!

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