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Meet Thembie Ntie the Host of Pink and Purple Season 2 and It’s Coming Soon!

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Meet Thembie Ntie the Host of Pink and Purple Season 2 and It’s Coming Soon!

Thembie Ntie

Thembie Ntie

1.  Who is Thembie Ntie?

Thembie Ntie: Thembie Ntie is a 27-year-old lady born and raised in the city of Kings and Queens.  I have interests in law and the creative arts. I love talking and telling people’s stories.

2. How did you become the ‘host with the most’?

Thembie Ntie: Well one of my close friends used to comment a lot on my pics with the line “Host with the most” and I embraced it! I realised that, “you know what? I’m actually the host with the most.” I’ve seen myself as just that and nothing less because I want to do more!

3. What are some of your favourite hostessing gigs?

Thembie Ntie: Intwasa arts festivals poetry slam for the girl child. This was during Intwasa arts festival and I had a great engaging with the girls and hearing them speak out against sexual harassment, early child marriages among other issues. The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Bulawayo opening night, and Entertainment Gist on KhulumaniFM.  I must say, radio is quite interesting and I’d love to do more of it.

4. What other services do you offer?

Thembie Ntie: I’m an events MC, moderator, facilitator and team building trainer (self-taught). I offer the “Host with the most” services.

5. What’s the Pink and Purple show?

Thembie Ntie: It’s a talk show that celebrates women across Africa. Celebrating their achievements and also talking to different women on issues about lifestyle, education, sport, arts & entertainment.

6. How did you end up being the hostess of Pink and Purple season 2?

Thembie Ntie: I attended auditions in 2019 and it was very scary I won’t lie. I was very nervous. A week after the auditions I was informed that I was chosen to be the host and yeah that was the beginning of a journey I had long waited for.

 7. How many women are on this season?

Thembie Ntie: We had 70 women. Quite a number. We could have had more because there’s so many powerful and amazing women doing great things. Also, the musicians on the show are so talented and brought so much life to the stories being told.

8. Who was on the support team for Pink and Purple season 2?

– Mthabisi Onias (ONVI TV Founder, Pnp Producer & Director)

– Tawanda Denga (Production Manager)

– Renee Seckel (MakeUp Artist)

– Dumisani Tshuma (Crew)

– Takudzwa Mandiringa (Crew)

– Knowledge Khuphe (Parttime Crew)

– Bukani Bhebhe (Hair dressing)

– Humprey (Decoration lights)

NUST Interns

– Pamela Ngwenya

– Nkosiphile Sithole

– Fortunate Mlilwana

– Bleane Kanyemba


– Trending Maboe’s boutique

– Style Avenue

9. What’s the one thing you learnt from interviewing all those women?

Thembie Ntie: I learnt that women are powerful!  I learnt that power is ours and I (we) can do more than we think we can if we allow ourselves to grow beyond limits. I learnt that power isn’t given to anyone, you have it within you, so let’s take back our power. I learnt all things powerful! 

10. How would you like to see your career grow from here?

Thembie Ntie: I definitely want to be on bigger platforms and explore the world. I want to be able to reach to places where some black women have been and not been to as well. I also want to host more corporate events, national awards, in and outside of the country. To be able to fuel my passion into growing those around me.

11. How has the Covid-19 impacted on your plans?

Thembie Ntie: There was so much I was looking forward to before Covid-19, it was a sad reality to accept that none of that was going to happen. The impact has been both positive and negative and I’d say negatively, as a person who works with people and talks for a living there are no gigs, shows to host as much as I would have wanted to. This also means no income.  Practically I lost my job. However, this pandemic has allowed me to make use of online platforms to grow & build my brand- ‘Ntie The African Barbie.’ I realised there was a lot of work to do. Time to be on social media, interacting with people and watching YouTube videos. I started a YouTube channel as well called Ntie African Barbie. I also hosted a virtual live concert celebrating United Nations at 75 years. The online hosting has been a different but great experience; I guess we have to get used to the new normal.

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