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New Music: Bhekiwe – Show Stopper

New Music

New Music: Bhekiwe – Show Stopper

New Music: Bhekiwe - ShowstopperEver heard of a female shooting her shot? No? Well it’s the 21st century and Bhekiwe is here to show us how it’s done. Show Stopper is the track of the week. Bulawayo artists are doing the absolute most, constantly showcasing their talents and I’m here for it.

Show Stopper is a pop/RnB track about shooting your shot, from a woman’s perspective. Bhekiwe starts off the song very nervous and uncertain but she let’s us know from the jump that she’s seriously crushing. I like the intro, it gives off an acapella something you’d hear on a movie like ‘Pitch Perfect’ .

Shooting your shot by a woman is discouraged but Bhekiwe is quick to put it out there and  to let us and her MCM know that she’s a blessing. She then shakes it up and let’s him know why he should get with her, because she’s a real Show Stopper. The lyrics and the beat produced by Larynx were tailored made for the songstress’ voice.

Bhekiwe sings, “Palms sweating,/ I’ve been gazing at your direction,/ It’s go time I’m on the front line boy be mine,/ i ain’t fazed by too many distractions,/…,/Coz I’m a real showstopper.”

​To those still drawing up a pros and cons list as to whether you need to shoot your shot remember, Bhekiwe’s got you. I mean honestly she said ‘You have my full attention but don’t waste it not for a minute!’ Yaass! We love a focused Queen who knows what and who she wants.

The visuals are on point. The vibrancy and energy is great. Bhekiwe sings about confidence and it shows in the video. Everything about this production screams show stopper! It’s well directed with great shots and good choreography. The director, Rodney Mabaleka definitely brought the song and Bhekiwe’s personality to life with this video. Don’t forget to check out the song Show Stopper here.


Born Nonhlanhla Mpala. I am an introvert & piscean, hell of a combination. Music is my first love and my source of therapy hence I found it fitting to give you my opinion on new music and maybe just maybe, convince you that you need music. Lover of chicken and the finer things in life. Oh and I almost forgot, I am a Feminist.

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