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New Music: Brintz – Aziwe Ke

New Music

New Music: Brintz – Aziwe Ke

Is it too early to call for a December song? Well I don’t think so because I might have found the perfect one. One of the most exciting acts in Hip Hop, not only in the city but in the country, Brintz is making waves once again with his single titled “Aziwe ke”, after dropping an amazing album this time last year.

“Aziwe ke” can be translated to say it’s going down and from lyrics it’s definitely going down, not in the literal sense but to say it’s time to enjoy. The song was produced by popular producer Phanas and this is not the first time these two have collaborated. Before being released on streaming platforms, it was only available for streaming on an official site that’s dedicated to playing his music only, a feature that I’ve grown to admire.

The instrumental alone is enough to grab your attention, coupled with the fire lyrics. It’s the perfect recipe for a masterpiece. You can tell that Brintz is ready to turn up and you might just join him. It’s a catchy song and like I said before, this song definitely screams “December Vibes”. And the bars? This is something we’re familiar with when it comes to Brintz, he never misses an opportunity drop some bars:

“Before sibushaya sibuthela phansi for abaphansi/

Ngiz’blomele kule shalast ngilabo gazi/

I’m looking for a lil weekend special no Brenda fassie” 

What I like most from this whole track is the element of story telling. He describes how he wants to turn up and have fun, as the song is progressing you can already visualise in your head what he’s talking about. That’s what draws me to the song plus the instrumental, the producer deserves a lot of credit for this fine piece of work.

Does this mean we should expect another project from this amazing artist? An EP or an album? Well only time will tell. Check out his website for more content and stream/download/buy the song on online stores.

Hello my name is Daniel Manyau. When I’m not crunching numbers, I write about anything and everything.

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