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Songstress Eden Lang set to release ‘Maiwee’

eden lang

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Songstress Eden Lang set to release ‘Maiwee’

“Maiwee” is a popular Shona word used to express shock, discontent or sadness, excitement too

eden lang

I first discovered Eden Lang when we covered the Ukuphumelela Cypher right here on the mag. I don’t want to lie to you, Asaph was the reason I came but Eden Lang was the reason I stayed. So, imagine my excitement when I realised that she had a new single coming out on the 23rd of February called ‘Maiwee’. I stumbled across it on Diana Nheera’s TikTok and those 17 seconds had me hooked. I let TikTok run the teaser on loop because it’s already a certified banger! Who says? I do! As a staunch #Edener, prepare to be sick of me because that song will play every time to hand me the aux cord.

Maiwee is a song written based on a story about a couple separated by distance, as one leaves the country to pursue work in the diaspora. With the song Eden endeavors to capture the emotions of loss and grief of the character in the story. This story is all too common to the diasporas and locals of the country of Zimbabwe, as families and couples are often separated due to traveling for work.


New song ! Maiwee 23.02.2024

♬ Maiwee by Eden Lang – edenlang

Maiwee” is a popular Shona word used to express shock, discontent or sadness, excitement too and this word sums up the whole feeling Eden is expressing throughout the song. I hear what the press release says about the song but I can’t relate to their perception of the song. You see, when I heard this song, I instantly knew that it’s a ‘fumble-anthem‘. We’ve all fumbled something right? An opportunity, a job, a relationship? That’s how I know that we will all relate to this song. The moment the teaser started playing, my brain cued up the reel of all the times that I fumbled, BADLY!

Even though this song is a complex story derived from pure imagination, Eden hopes that the song reaches listeners who are experiencing the same type of grief. She hopes the lyrics and melodies offer solidarity and comfort to those who feel alone in their struggle. “I should, I could, I woulda, I wish I treated you better Maiwee!”

When I saw the clip on TikTok, I had my Editor reach out to Diana for a press release on the track. This is of honourable mention because it took Diana less that 10 minutes to send us the press release, links and images. She needs to run a masterclass for all Talent Managers. It was truly refreshing to work with someone who didn’t drop the ball.

The introspective and moody imagery in the song MAIWEE is localised using phrases and metaphors that Zimbabweans will understand instantly. “I’ve been walking in circles around the same potholes in the avenues,” can be taken quite literally in the sense that a griever can be tired of seeing the same scenery in their hometown, or symbolic for being forlorn over ruminating the mistakes that led to the end of the road of the failed relationship.

One thing that ‘Maiwee’ made me realise is all the stuff I am stuck and hung up on that I clearly need to let go. When I tell you that this song gave me free therapy! Whatever comes up for you as you listen to it, know that it’s time to address that very thing. Be patient with yourself, heal yourself with love and kindness. You absolutely know better now, so you will do better. I believe in you.

The song can be used as a springboard towards healing, or as a reminder to cherish the friendships and bonds so close to the listener. Maiwee is the prompt we all need to start treating loved ones with more kindness, pick up the phone and call a long lost friend, send a message to an ex, reconcile with a parent or sibling, or tell your crush how you feel before it’s too late.

I don’t usually review music but this one was different. I felt something when I heard it. Something in me moved as a creative and I was truly excited about it. It’s shocking how a sample can inspire a person so much. Eden’s song is emotionally evocative and that’s not an easy feat for most musicians. Yes, music can tickle your ear buds but can it awaken something inside of you that you had deeply buried and suppressed inside of you? My husband has the song stuck in his head because I am annoying and obsessive. LOL. When I met fresh-faced Eden during some cook out thing that was held in Milton Park, I never imagined our paths crossing again in such a profound way.

Eden Lang is a Zimbabwean Pop Musician who evokes deep emotions in her listeners through her hearty and melodic vocals. She is not only a Pop-star but a notable songwriter, as she takes her listeners on an emotional journey through her music. With soaring guitars, sweet tender falsettos and passionate drums, Eden’s music takes you into a musical and visual paradise where anything you imagine is possible.


get ready for Maiwee on the 23rd of February #scriptsandbars

♬ original sound – edenlang

Eden was ceremonially in January announced as part of the Scripts and Bars Accelerator 2024 cohort: A diverse and talented group of creative entrepreneurs who will enhance their skills and businesses through hands-on workshops, mentorship, collaboration and networking opportunities. Scripts and Bars programme is delivered by the Kay Media Africa in partnership with Reprezent (UK) and is supported by the British Council Creative Economy programme, which supports Cultural professionals and artists to develop their knowledge, artistic practice, skills and networks contributing to greater prosperity and sustained livelihoods.

23.02.24 is the magic date to save! Follow Eden Lang Music on all social media platforms!

Glue, Days, Not My Father, Don’t, Hurt Good, Stronger Than Youth Think, Who We Are – are some of her tracks to search for on digital stores.

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