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New Music: Tmak – Hatitambe

New Music: T-Mak - Hatitambe

New Music

New Music: Tmak – Hatitambe

Each week new hot music is released. This time around we got T-mak’s track which is a banger.

New Music: T-Mak - HatitambeFollowing his release of Musatinetse, less than a month later, Tmak has blessed us with a new track. The hip hop track is titled Hatitambe featuring MindLace and Thando.

If I can say one thing about the Cottage squad, it’s consistent. These guys stay releasing new music. Good music at that. Each week new hot music is released. This time around we got Tmak’s track which is a banger.

The trio brought the heat on this one. Lyrically they did what had to be done. Bars on bars. The beat is flames. The production is seamless. Everything flows from start to end. To add on the hook is unbelievably catchy. I just couldn’t stop singing it. They didn’t come to play with this one.

The track goes, “Hatitambe nemaface coz the team strong,/ I’m schizophrenic, am post-traumatic, am bipolar,/ Back to back like I’m Jordan 96,97,/  It’s systematic, it’s automatic I see the pattern,/ I’m killing ninjas for nothing like I’m Michael Myers,/….,/ Tovacheka cheka like you’re cabbage,/ In the Miz all we eat is cabbage,/ My god it’s tragic.” I don’t know why but the cabbage line, had me smiling. Quite relatable, minus the Michael Myers bit.

Hatitambe is a great track, produced marvelously and performed immaculately. You don’t want to miss out. Check out Hatitambe down below.


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Born Nonhlanhla Mpala. I am an introvert & piscean, hell of a combination. Music is my first love and my source of therapy hence I found it fitting to give you my opinion on new music and maybe just maybe, convince you that you need music. Lover of chicken and the finer things in life. Oh and I almost forgot, I am a Feminist.

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