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New Music: Ziee Xayn – Ngicela Sibonisane.

New Music

New Music: Ziee Xayn – Ngicela Sibonisane.

In a recent release Zie Xayn has given us a track titled ‘Ngicela Sibonisane.’ A track meant to bring awareness to cancer and depression. Ngicela sibonisane was produced by Cydbass. Zie Xayn beautifully delivers the message in this track. The lyrics, the voice and the sound on this track blend perfectly.

When artists take time to write and make art to raise awareness for social issues it’s encouraging. It reminds you that there’s hope and someone cares.

Zie Xayn sings about how life here on earth is short and how it’s just a journey. In the song he is trying to negotiate with God, for more time with loved ones. Asking God to take care of all those here on earth, those who used to be with us and to answer our prayers.

This track is powerful, deep and soulful. Everything about it is genuine and pure. You can feel the emotion behind it. Zie Xayn poured his heart into this track and dedicated it to his father. It’s a prayer filled with love and hope.

The way he sings ‘Ngicela sivumelane,/ Bengicela sihlale phansi sibonisane,/ Ngiyazi ukuthi impilo ngamazolo,/Ngiyazi ukuba asizalelwanga emhlabeni ukubana sihlale.’ ( Can we agree, can we sit down and talk, I know life is short, I know we are not meant to be here forever). No words can describe this song. It’s touching and will speak to anyone who listens it.

Listen to Zie Xayn Ngicela Sibonisane below.

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