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Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami video coming soon! Visuals by Corey

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Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami video coming soon! Visuals by Corey

This song is arguably one of the best collab songs to come out of Bulawayo this year.

Phillip Corey Chipeta
Phillip Corey Chipeta

If you haven’t ‘Ngawuzw’ umoya wami’ by Msiz’Kay featuring AWA and Mzoe 7 you have not lived! This song is arguably one of the best collab songs to come out of Bulawayo this year. We were excited to see a sneak peek of the upcoming visuals and we had to sit down with the guy behind the music video to get you the scoop.

How did you get the opportunity to do visuals for Ngawuzw’ umoya wami?

Well I knew from the first time I heard the song that I wanted to shoot the video, so I reached out and here we are.

How did you come up with the concept of the video?

Msiz’Kay came up with the script and we worked together to visualize it.

Who is in the video?

There are number of people involved in the video but the one person who might catch people’s attention is an Award winning actress Charmaine Mudau and she really nailed her role. A big shout out to her.

Should we expect to see AWA in the video?

Yes, most definitely! AWA will be there doing what she does best as well Mzoe 7.

Where did you shoot the video and why?

Part of the video was shot in Magwegwe West. We wanted that kasi vibe and that’s why we chose the location and then the other part was shot in Germany and that’s because AWA is based there at the moment.

When is the video being released?

The video is dropping in few weeks we just want to make sure everything is correct for the viewers but soon we will announce the date.

What was it like working with Msiz’kay?

It’s really awesome working with Msiz’Kay. It’s not my first time doing a video for him. We did a video a few years back and since then we have been cool, I am a big fan of his work and he also supports my hustle.

Did the Covid pandemic have an impact on the shooting of the video?

It kinda did because we wanted to shoot the video like two months ago but we couldn’t because of certain restrictions but it was also a blessing in disguise because it gave us time to plan the whole thing.

If someone wants to have their Visuals by Corey how do they go about it?

I am not a hard person to find. I am available on all social media platforms (@visualbycorey) if you want to work with me just reach out sisebenze!

If you’d like to wet your appetite with the audio version of the song, you can listen to it below!

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