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Saturday Nights are for #MjoloFM

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Saturday Nights are for #MjoloFM

Anyway, let’s meet in the comment section of #MjoloFM this Saturday around 23:00hrs. I’ll be the one on the @ingudukazi Instagram handle.

I got hooked onto #MjoloFM after I saw it trending one Saturday evening. It was trending in anticipation. That’s how powerful the #MjoloFM platform has become to over 2000 viewers on Instagram live. If you’d like to be part of this entertaining phenomenon you can follow @byo_memes or @mjolofm on Instagram.

#MjoloFM is an exhilarating dating game show format on Instagram live. The music curation is meticulous and just as entertaining as the single ladies and gents trying to make a love match. I personally tune in to admire Mgcini’s clear skin.


How it works

Malume (Mgcini) is the cupid of #MjoloFM or the glorified wingman or referee to the violence in the comments section. You request to be on the Instagram live, Malume adds you to the live. You then request for the object of your affection to also be added. If you don’t have a specific brand of crush you’d like to shoot your shot with, Malume will add a random person for you. You’ll then get the short opportunity to shoot your shot. This can go either way, it can be a #TleanJob but if you hear an ambulance I’m sorry.

Would I take part in #MjoloFM?

#MjoloFM is one of those things that are fun to watch but not to partake in like horror movies or seeing wild animals at the zoo. What scares me the most of shooting my shot in front of phambili kwabantu is the comments section. I’d hate to wake up to screen recordings of my humiliation circulating on social media. Besides that, it’s fun as hell.

Ask your crush via a Google Form

The trouble is, love is not a spectator sport. You have to get in there and battle it out like you’re a soldier of love. That’s why they call it love yemusoja. LOL. If you’re too shy to go on Instagram live, you can ask your crush if they are single anonymously via the Google Form. This is less effective because how do you know that they were tuned in to see your question. I suggest that Jaha uses the @mjolofm Twi’er handle to tag those people and ask directly nje. We’re fixing the country.


#MjoloFM is one of those concepts which exemplify the creativity of Zimbabwean youths. What is now required is for brands and the Government to start supporting local content creators. This will lead to a lucrative content creation industry which in turn will reduce the unemployment rate.

How can you support #MjoloFM?

By simply tuning in, you’re already supporting Mgcini and Jaha. By tweeting about #MjoloFM using the correct hashtag you’re also being supportive to the platform. If you have surplus resources, you can donate giveaways for the #MjoloFM participants and spectators. Imagine if the couple could win dates? Having such incentives will encourage more people to face their fears and shoot their shot. This, in turn, will make for increased viewing pleasure.

What #MjoloFM doesn’t need

We don’t need people who request to be added to the live and then get cold feet. Asidlali phela lapha, this is serious business. We would have invested in Strive’s data bundles to watch #MjoloFM. We also do not need hurtful trolls in the comments section. Mjolo is nyising us all, we don’t need to be shamed for our looks as well. It takes bravery to put yourself out like that. This show has people having a full face of make up on at 11pm at night. Kuyahanjwa!

Anyway, let’s meet in the comment section of #MjoloFM this Saturday around 23:00hrs. I’ll be the one on the @ingudukazi Instagram handle. You can also catch up on previous #MjoloFM episodes on there YouTube channel here.

I'm Noni Zulu, editor of iNgudukazi Magazine and I'm proud to say that. This is a magazine that looks to empower the youth. We hope to entertain, inspire and motivate our subscribers and to help make a difference.

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