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So you want to support Bulawayo artists?

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So you want to support Bulawayo artists?

Bulawayo singer Thandy Dhlana

You don’t need money to support local artists. There are so many ways to show your support for a Bulawayo artist. For example, how much does it cost to tune in to Skyz Metro FM or Khulumani FM 95.0? It’s FREE! These stations have Bulawayo arts at heart. When we were growing up, we inherited our taste in music from our parents. They would play their music in the house or in the car. Do you know what a difference it would make if we tuned in to our local radio stations during rush hour alone?

I learnt the lyrics to Jah Prayzah songs because I would hear those songs everywhere, especially those bus trips to Harare. It felt like they had downloaded all his music videos. My mom’s friend was getting married here in Bulawayo and they were playing Jah Prayzah’s music. He was coincidentally passing by and he gatecrashed the wedding. When was the last time you were given the aux cord and you used that opportunity to play a Bulawayo artist’s music? DJ’s this wedding season I want to hear Msiz’kay and Ngoma iNgoma’s Lobola songs.

“I don’t know any local musicians.” This is a tired excuse. If you are really keen on getting clued up on the Bulawayo music scene, all you have to do is tune in to the Chart shows on Skyz or Khulumani. That’s a weekly summary of which songs are doing well in Zimbabwe. If they are on the charts they have earned their spot.


Bulawayo has several publications which publish entertainment news. These include Culxure Mag, Fokus, IBRAH, and ourselves obviously. If you like these Facebook pages you are bound to discover local talent. There are also some personalities you can follow who can curate local arts such as Archie Mhone, Vusa Mkhaya, Nigel Ndlovu, Bruce Ncube, Bruce Ndlovu just to name a few. These individuals have their finger on the pulse when it comes to who’s who in the music industry.

What can I do right now?

Find the pages for the Bulawayo Arts Awards, Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo and Bulawayo Arts Festival. Look at some of the names that pop up in the nominees list and make it a point to learn about them. If they are nominated that means they are talented and worth your support. Nominees’ lists are a great place to find artists listed by industry. The #CREDISI finale is going to be on Facebook live on the IYASA Facebook page mhlaka 6 November. It’s an opportunity for you to see 12 local musical acts for free.

Next time when you hear a song you like by a local artist, before you illegally download it, at least like their Facebook page, subscribe to their YouTube channel and play that song to at least two more people so that they can enjoy it too. Word of Mouth and referrals will help to push local music. Most people don’t know that Bulawayo has talent because they haven’t been exposed to it.

Lani maArtists, make sure your music can be found on all streaming platforms. If you can provide the lyrics that’s even better.

It doesn’t take much to support local talent, it really begins with you. For now you can start with the video below which was shot at Barbourfields Stadium here in Bulawayo.


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