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A ‘POWERFUL’ Launch by Bhekiwe Dube

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A ‘POWERFUL’ Launch by Bhekiwe Dube

POWERFUL is an amazing amazing listen and deserves to be on your playlist.

Bhekiwe Dube Powerful

It’s one thing to have a launch and it’s another to have a POWERFUL launch. Bhekiwe Dube made sure to prove exactly that at the launch of her new single and short film titled Powerful on the 30th of July 2022.

The venue, the ambience and the gorgeous Hollywood standard and magazine worthy setup in its entirety made us anticipate an evening of sweaty brows and certified jaw drops even way before the screening began. In attendance were representatives from Noble Hands Charity, where all proceeds from the event and production are set to go. The short film addresses colourism a form of discrimination based on skin tone and the organisation helps people living with albinism all over the country. The audience was given a platform to speak on their personal experiences in regards to colourism and the screening of the short film and music video began soon after the engagement.

The short film shows a girl struggling with accepting her dark skin because of pressure to lighten it, where in one instance a man approaches her selling her skin lightening products so she can be “beautiful”. The Powerful short film preaches acceptance and appreciating beauty in every colour and form.

The short film is paired with the music video, where Bhekiwe did not only serve swoon worthy vocals that left us in awe but had us on choke-hold as she mopped the floor with KILLER choreography in outfits that literally burned our eyes by the detail that was put into them. Every minute of watching that video made everyone in attendance gasp at how it showed that great work was put into it. POWERFUL is an amazing amazing listen and deserves to be on your playlist to get your mojo on every morning. Bhekiwe has given us a song that addresses an issue we were turning a blind eye to. Bhekiwe has given us a certified BANGER!

By Michelle Thanya

iNgudukazi Magazine is a publication for the African woman. We know she is a jewel and a fountain of wisdom and we would like to celebrate her reverence. For the culture of woman.

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