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Bulawayo petrolheads the Ultimate Burnouts are here!

Ultimate Burnouts

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Bulawayo petrolheads the Ultimate Burnouts are here!

Listen, if you’re frustrated and looking for a place to hoop and holler without looking crazy, burnouts are for you.

I had never been to the burnouts at my big age. I had seen posters all over advertising the burnouts but I never knew what they were and what to expect. I finally attended my first burnouts two years ago in Gweru the day before my birthday and that’s when I fell in love with Nyasha David’s ‘Ikoko’ song. He was performing along with Kae Chaps (my friend threw a wig onto the stage.) But the burnouts? What a spectacle! What a rush! The euphoria in the crowd as the cars dazzled us with what I can only describe as car stunts and gymnastics. There’s nothing like witnessing the roar of high-performance engines!

The same guys (Riaz Petker/DJ Raza from Mahogany TV) who pulled off the electrifying Gweru burnouts have brought the heat to Bulawayo!

Bulawayo, it’s time to burn some rubber! Come out and feel the adrenaline rush of car burnouts!

3D Events Management are bringing you the FIRST-EVER Ultimate Burnouts this February the 3rd hosted by Selekta Base Worldwide himself! Now that we have survived the January disease, we can have fun again. The Burnouts will be held at the J.M Nkomo Bulawayo Airport from 10am to 6pm. It’s the perfect place to take the whole family for an exciting fun day!

Brought to you by 3D Events and powered by Mr. Sinkwa, this high-octane event is billed as the most exhilarating automotive spectacle, with various exhibitors set to take part. Burnout teams from all over Zimbabwe will be thrilling the crowds with riveting burnout car stunts.

I did mention that there’ll be fun for the whole family right? So what can the kiddies look forward to? Well, as a family-friendly event, kids below 12 years get in for FREE! And they can play all day in the Kidz Zone and who doesn’t love a Colour Blast?

Other highlights include a car show display. Attendees will have the chance to get up close and personal with countless race cars, vintage cars and other exciting vehicles. There will also be a DJ music spin-off, Aircraft display, Aviation Fire Fighting vehicle display and obviously a Food Fiesta for the foodies! The full food court will cater to virtually any palate.

Tickets are going for $5 and you can bring your cooler box for $10. Again, children under 12 enjoy free entry.

Student Package Tickets for the Ultimate Burnouts are now available. Contact +263713492435 or +263774222777. For those in Bulawayo, you can visit VideoEzy at the corner of R.G. Mugabe Way and 9th Street.

If you’re wondering how you’ll get there, 3D Events have you covered with the Park N Ride Shuttle Service to and from the Airport from as early as 9am until you’re done at 6pm.

Listen, if you’re frustrated and looking for a place to hoop and holler without looking crazy, burnouts are for you. Just go and scream your lungs out. Thank me later

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