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De-Anne Tall-Chivandire of Alpha Academy: Become an au pair in Germany

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De-Anne Tall-Chivandire of Alpha Academy: Become an au pair in Germany

De-Anne Tall-Chivandire of Alpha Academy: Become an au pair in Germany

We have successfully placed hundreds of au pairs so far. We are so proud of each of them.

De-Anne Tall-Chivandire of Alpha Academy

De-Anne Tall-Chivandire of Alpha Academy

Tell us about Alpha Academy and how it came about?

Alpha Academy was founded in order to bridge the gap between Europe and Africa, by providing cultural exchange programmes and related services. Our longstanding mantra – Connecting People, Places and Experiences – guides our operations to this day. From our inception in 2017, we have been committed to representing the best Au pairs in our locale. We continue to grow from strength to strength, having expanded to representing Au pairs from the SADC region.

What are the services you offer at Alpha Academy?

We offer an array of services that encompass all things German- from German language lessons, to the Au pair programme, to university applications, to tour guiding. We are always eager to keep adding to our services so please be on the lookout for more in the near future.

What is an au pair?

An Au pair is a young person between the ages of 18 and 26, who has a genuine love for children and chooses to spend a year abroad living with a host family. The Au pair Pathway is the perfect gateway to an adventure in Europe as an Au pair while experiencing the best of cultural exchange.

What are the benefits of becoming an au pair?

As we facilitate world-class Au pairs, we have negotiated a remuneration package, which not only meets your basic needs but goes above and beyond industry standards.

Apart from the non-quantifiable perks such as personal growth and development, one receives pocket money of €280p/m, fully paid health insurance (medical aid), language school fees subsidy, travel allowance, bus and train ticket, accommodation and food catered for, a month of paid leave, amongst other benefits.

What characteristics are you looking for in an au pair from Zimbabwe?

The most important attribute is a genuine love for children. We also look out for integrity, responsibility, and a sense of adventure.

How does one become an au pair?

All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will take you through the process step by step.

How long does one need to learn German for?

Our lessons are structured in such a way that you cover both the respective curriculum and receive exam training prior to writing your official certification exams. Each level takes 8-12weeks to complete. We strongly encourage our clients to at least reach the second level prior to arriving in Germany to allow for easy assimilation into the German society.

How many people (approximately) have you been able to successful enrol as au pairs to date?

We have successfully placed hundreds of Au pairs so far. We are so proud of each of them and how their unique journeys have blossomed beyond their Au pair year.

How do you ensure a good match between au pairs and host families, fostering cultural exchange and positive experiences?

We have built a robust system for matching our Au pairs with suitable host-families, which guarantees the most suitable placements. In our matching system, we allow our Au pairs to be in control of the families they are matched with by having an array of possibilities which they can get to know before making a choice.

What’s life like for an au pair once they arrive in Germany?

Life in Germany as an au pair is really what you make it. One is quickly immersed in a new culture, new transport systems, routines, and schedules. It’s the perfect balance of work, self advancement and play. Work brings childcare, self advancement being sharpening your German skills through language school and social circles, and play being travel and time off to do whatever you like.

Were you ever an au pair yourself?

Yes! Soon after high school I left for Germany as an Au pair. After that I volunteered at a youth hostel for some time and finally studied economics and management. I look back at my au pair year very fondly, and I’m grateful to still be in touch with my host family to this day. In fact, they’ll be visiting Zimbabwe in a few months too!

What steps do you take to recruit qualified au pairs and attract responsible host families?

We interview each of our au pairs prior to admission, and request for traceable childcare references. We also offer a variety of training during the language classes which help further equip our Au pairs for their time abroad. Our host families are also well vetted and verified before they are added to our database.

Which regulatory bodies is Alpha Academy affiliated with in order to provide safety for aspiring au pairs?

We are members of IAPA (International Au Pair Association). We uphold ourselves to a strict level of professionalism and safety for both our Au pairs and host families. We are proud to be the only Aupair Agency in Zimbabwe which is verified and accredited by IAPA.

How has the German au pair program evolved over the years? What are the biggest changes you’ve observed?

Over the years we are happy to have witnessed a growth in interest in the programme, and especially an increase in male applicants. The largest demographic has also shifted to mostly school leavers, which provides a great opportunity to have a gap year straight after high school.

What are some of the unique challenges and opportunities in Germany compared to other countries?

Unique opportunities include the option to study at tuition free universities, or choose vocational training for your preferred career. Assimilation is also a challenge, which is why we encourage our students to advance their German skills as much as possible, as language plays a huge role in adaptation in Germany. We also aim to integrate cultural tips into our language lessons to help our students mentally prepare.

How do you stay informed about changes in German regulations and requirements for au pairs and host families?

Being part of IAPA is one of our main ways of staying updated. Apart from that, we keep ourselves informed via the various German consulates in the SADC countries which we represent.

How do you provide ongoing support and guidance to both families and Au pairs throughout the placement?

We offer ongoing support to our Au pairs post- arrival, throughout their au pair year. Monthly meetings, regular check-ups and questionnaires help us to keep up to date with their well-being. Our partners in Germany handle the well being of our host families.

What advice would you give to potential au pairs interested in joining your program?

Your future is yours to make it. Don’t wait any longer to take the next step to become one of our Au pairs and unlock a world of possibilities for your future.

What are your agency’s core values and how do you ensure they are reflected in your services?

Some of our core values include integrity, quality and community. This is reflected in our transparency with information, our quality of services and personnel as well as the community that we have built both locally and internationally. We also value family, and as such, treat every person who joins our Alpha family as a valuable family member.

What advice do you have for those seeking global opportunities to avoid being scammed?

Firstly, choose a reputable agency to represent you. Always vet the agency to be sure of its credibility before signing up. Care and support prior to your departure is one thing, but you also want to make sure that once you have arrived at your destination, your safety and contentment is still a priority.

How do people who are interested in becoming au pairs get in touch with Alpha Academy?

Please give us a call or send a message on +263777334086. You can also pop by and pay us a visit at 39 Jason Moyo Street in Bulawayo. We will be happy to assist you in the best possible way.

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