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How to stay fresh during your period

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How to stay fresh during your period

Here are some tips, from personal experiences, which can help you keep it together during your flow.

It’s hard enough staying alive during your period but we also have to stay fresh for hygienic purposes to ensure that nothing breaks out. Due to period shaming, this isn’t a topic which is widely addressed but today is the day. Here are some tips, from personal experiences, which can help you keep it together during your flow.


Take a bath the way you regularly do. Use warm water and place the towel over your abdomen to relieve pain while you bath. Those who suffer from dysmenorrhea will understand how bathing is a chore during this trying time. You can hardly stand. If you don’t have water rationing problems, you can even bath twice a day because severe pain brings about heat flashes meaning you’re sweating more than usual.

Change the pad/tampon often

These things are so pricey and out of budget for most young women and girls. If you are able to afford them, change them every 3-4 hours depending on your flow. Some ladies have a heavier flow which fills up quicker. The blood loses it’s freshness and the pad is not breathable. This is a bad combination. If you are keen, you can try out menstrual cups and reusable pads especially now when there’s a lockdown.

If you have the luxury of wet wipes, you may wipe down during pad/tampon changes to remove leakages and seepage in places like your butt crack and the edges of the pad. If you have access to a place to wash, then that would work too. A clean pad on a dirty surface area won’t be fresh at all.

Drink water

Your body is going through a lot during this time. You’re losing blood. You need to stay replenished. Hydrate with warm water. It will assist you with constipation and it provides temporary pain relief to your abdomen. The last thing you’re thinking about is that your skin has broken out but your water intake can help fast track the clearing of your skin. Again, if you get heatflashes from severe period pain, you’ll need the water for homeostasis.

Wear secure underwear

If your pad with wings decides to take flight, it will leave you exposed to leakages. Once you leak onto your underwear you’re in trouble. If you’re at work or school, you can’t wash the underwear and wait for it to dry. You’ll have to stick it out for the rest of the day and the blood will do what blood does and you will no longer be fresh. Always carry an extra pair of underwear and wear a pair of tights for extra reinforcements during your period.

Take the meds

Avoid looking like that blonde girl from The Ring during your period by taking your painkillers as required. Period pain will have you looking like the creepy, run down, thing from a horror movie. If your pain is at this level, please go see a Gynaecologist something could be seriously wrong. If your period pain doesn’t respond to Over-the-Counter drugs, then something is definitely wrong. If you’re anaemic you know what you have to take to replenish the blood. Take whatever you need to take to keep you fresh and functional. Try bananas and chocolates for the other symptoms like nausea and mood swings.

This is not an exhausted list, there are more ways that can help you stay fresh in a holistic way. If you have any other ideas, please share them below.

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