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Meet Tarryn Talana of Tarryn Talana Studios

Tarryn Talana

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Meet Tarryn Talana of Tarryn Talana Studios

The wall graphics and the cool vibes we’ve seen on the YouTube videos made us curious about this studio

Tarryn Talana

Tarryn Talana

This week, we had the honour of getting to know the owner of what is arguably the coolest looking studio in Bulawayo. The wall graphics and the cool vibes we’ve seen on the YouTube videos made us curious about this studio which has seen the likes of Bhekiwe, Shekinah, Asaph and many more being spotted there. Find out more about Tarryn Talana Studios and the people behind it.

Please introduce yourself
I am Tarryn Talana. I am an executive producer and owner of Tarryn Talana Studios.

Where does your interest in music stem from?
My Dad and I would always listen to all kinds of genres of music on his vinyl and I fell inlove from there.

How long has the Tarryn Talana Studios been open?
It has been open for 4 months now.

Who is part of the Tarryn Talana Studios crew?
I work with 2 amazing producers who both happen to be amazing bass players CydBass and Blessing Stot.

Which services are you offering to artists currently?
Well we record vocals, mix and master songs. We also cater to kids who love music and we teach them the basics of music in general.

Who was the first artist to lay down a track at Tarryn Talana Studios?
Actually I was the first.

Who did the stunning décor for your Studio?
I did it myself.

What do you hope to achieve for the Bulawayo arts?
I want to help the arts industry learn that the only way to make our industry stronger is by us working together, the power of unity.

In your opinion, what does it take to make a hit single in Bulawayo?
Hard work, passion and willingness to learn new things also being able to handle criticism and learn from it.

Which bangers have been recorded at your studio?
So far theres a song by ZieeXayn titled Ngicela Sibonisane.

Which Bulawayo artist would you like to work with? Which you haven’t already
I have never worked with Sandra Ndebele, I think she would be a vibe in studio. But there’s many more like Jays Marabini, Mr Hudson the pioneers of music in Bulawayo.

Do you offer constructive criticism to artists during their sessions? If so, do they take it well?
Oh yes I’m known for my bluntness, some don’t take it so well but most know it’s coming from a place of love.

What’s the one thing that artists can only get at your studio?
The experience of feeling like they are at home when they are in studio.

How does an artist book a session at Tarryn Talana Studios?
To book they can WhatsApp or Call +263 773 722 950

How do you advise artists to prepare for studio time?
Make sure you know your song and somewhat the direction you want to go with the song.

How are you coping with the Covid-19 pandemic?
Honestly like everyone else I’m not coping but we have put in safety measures to ensure everyone is safe.

How are some of the ways we can better promote Bulawayo artists?
Well, working together in this industry is key, supporting each other is all we need right now.

How does Tarryn Talana Studios grow from here?
Well I want to eventually make it a brand and have Tarryn Talana Studios all over the world.

What’s the vision for the Tarryn Talana Live Sessions?
The vision is promote the studio and also help discover unknown talent not just in the city of Bulawayo but in Zimbabwe.

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