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Meet Thandy Dhlana: The masterpiece ‘Inganekwane’ album singer


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Meet Thandy Dhlana: The masterpiece ‘Inganekwane’ album singer

Everyone is raving about Thandy Dhlana’s new album entitled, ‘Inganekwane’ because it’s absolutely amazing. The ten track album features songs like Siyathandana, I Still Feel The Gap and Ukuthanda

Thandy Dhlana is back and better than before! She’s been on a 7-year hiatus but now she’s returned to music and she did not come to play. Everyone is raving about Thandy Dhlana’s new album titled, ‘Inganekwane’ because it’s absolutely amazing. The ten track album features songs like Siyathandana, I Still Feel The Gap and Ukuthanda just to name a few. We got to sit down and talk to Thandy and here’s what we got to know.

Nobuhle Zulu: ​This being your fourth solo album, what did you do differently on this album?

Thandy Dhlana: With this current album Inganekwane I decided to open my heart and soul to it, the album not only speaks to me but to many young and old women… the men as well. I gave my all to this album, to the point of taking my baby Kayden to Studio, I was breastfeeding in studio while recording ha ha ha

Nobuhle Zulu: ​How did the creative process begin with the new body of work?

Thandy Dhlana: I have a great team Behind me who have supported me with creative process of this Album. I have the most amazing band backing me: Prince Joel on Keys. Samuzik on Acoustic Guitar, Cyd Bass on Bass Guitar as well as Obey on Drums. All of them are very talented in their art. They all had input in the creative process of the album and they are all great musicians in their own right. Everyone brought their expertise to the conception and birth of ‘Inganekwane.’

Nobuhle Zulu: How long did it take you to complete the album?

Thandy Dhlana: It took us 4 months to complete this beautiful creation we call ‘Inganekwane.’

Nobuhle Zulu: The album is about the highs and lows of umjolo, did you write the songs from personal experiences?

Thandy Dhlana: Ha ha ha good question! As mentioned earlier this album was created to speak to young and old women but also to our boys, as people we all face similar challenges in life and in umjolo kkkk as you put it so to answer your question it was from some personal experiences but experiences that everyone goes through.

Nobuhle Zulu: Which song on “Inganekwane” is your favourite and why?

Thandy Dhlana: My favourite song is Butterfly😊…actually I love all of them (laughs)

Nobuhle Zulu: Who did you work with to bring this album to completion?

Thandy Dhlana: To complete this Inganekwane I worked with:

Drums : Obey Mudiwa
Bass : Cyd Bass
Acoustic Guitar : Sam Siwela
Lead Guitar : Sam Siwela
Keyboards and Aux Keys : Prince Joel Nyoni
Studio Engineer: Maciek Malicki
Percussion : Gomez SaJayden
Percussion : Dumisani Ramadu Moyo
Background Vocals : De Lukes Kays
Background Vocals : Celine Sky
Executive Producer : Rodney Jele
Executive Producer : ThandyDhlana
Producer : Cyd Bass

Album Art: Stickyzw
Designer : Nkanyeziyethu Malunga Mkosana
MUA: Thandeka Moyo
Photography: Gideon Gidds
Co-songwriters : Tshilo Nleya

Thulani Nyashanu

Inothando Malele

Sam Siwela

PR Manager :Yolanda Banda
Recording Studio : P3 Studio Bulawayo

Nobuhle Zulu: ​You’re an icon of female empowerment. What does power mean to you?

Thandy Dhlana: Power to me means you have the ability to empower people in a positive way and hopefully with this album I have empowered many.

Nobuhle Zulu: ​You’d been away from the music scene for a long time. Why is that and what is it that brought you back?

Thandy Dhlana: I’ve been away from the music scene for a long time because I was being a wife to my amazing and supportive husband Rodney Jele and a mom to my handsome belly blessings my sons Jayden and Kayden but I was still writing songs as well because music is my family too!!! (laughs) so I was never really gone.

Nobuhle Zulu:​ With Covid-19 restrictions easing up should we expect performances from you anytime soon ?

Thandy Dhlana: Firstly I would like to give my sincere condolences to all families who have lost loved ones to this worldwide pandemic Covid-19. With Covid-19 restrictions easing up you will definitely be seeing performances from me. Look out for my official album launch in a few weeks.

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