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New Music: Brintz – Play The$e For Now

Brintz - Play The$e For Now

New Music

New Music: Brintz – Play The$e For Now

Brintz - Play The$e For Now

Brintz – Play The$e For Now

Music is a special art. The artists use their music to try paint a picture that the listener can imagine and visualise just by hearing the music. One such artist who does that is Brilliant Delani also known as Brintz. The rapper released an EP entitled Play The$e for now, which probably means there’s more to come.

Vin Conscious is a song dedicated to the Late Calvin “Cal Vin” Nhliziyo. Brintz mentions how the late rapper made him believe that it’s possible to not only rap, but to rap in vernacular and still be a big artist. When the song starts, the opening lines refer back to a song by Cal Vin where the rapper claimed how when he started they were mocking him but now they celebrate him. Brintz is in a similar situation where he’s still trying to find his way in the music industry.

The next song is KASI BOY, in this track he talks about how he came from the dust and he’s cleaning up, and making a name for himself. He’s working towards making a name for himself, with the help of friends of course. It’s short, the beat and the flow are quite catchy, definitely a song that one could possibly turn up to. The perfect build up to the next song, Ubunandi Kuphela.

The song title is self explanatory. The rapper just wants to have fun. He wants to forget about the stress that life brings, and just have a good time. On this song he features rappers Indigo Saint and Prolific. They also emphasise how wherever there’s a turn up, that’s where you find them because they love to have fun.

Top 5 is where everything slows down, unlike the last 2 songs, this one has a 90’s rap flow and beat. The rapper makes a claim that he’s in the Top 5 amongst rappers in the country and there’s no debate. Not only does he say that but he’s coming for the top spot. He talks about how his flow and delivery are a mixture of different rappers as they have influenced him in one way or the other. No one is safe when he comes for the top spot, burying everyone and everything that stands in his way.

S.o.m.m is the next song. It’s similar to the last track, slowed down. Here the rapper is venting on how it’s that time of the month and he’s struggling to make ends meet as what the family requires and what he’s earning doesn’t match. However, he’s still grateful that he has salary despite many losing their source of income due to the pandemic. He takes a moment to pass his condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones due to the pandemic.

To close off the EP, Brintz teams up with fellow rapper Luminous, to make Nkosi Sikelela. This sounds like a prayer, the rappers are asking God to bless their hustle. They’re are just trying to make it in the world. They understand that the road to success is tough but they still hope to make it.

Play The$e for now is available on all streaming platforms. Take a moment and listen to it.

Hello my name is Daniel Manyau. When I’m not crunching numbers, I write about anything and everything.

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