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New Music: Friday the 18th EP – Drumerboy_Kenny

New Music: Friday the 18th EP - Drummerboy_Kenny

New Music

New Music: Friday the 18th EP – Drumerboy_Kenny

Friday The 18th Album Art

If you follow Cottage 47 you know that they always something brewing. This week they have brought us a new EP by Drumerboy_Kenny titled Friday the 18th.

This is Drumerboy_Kenny’s 8th project. Friday the 18th features 8 tracks produced by Drumerboy_Kenny, Area51, Trap_Pod and Oladayo.
Drumerboy_Kenny showed up on this project.

The EP kicks off with Road Trip. The track  describes the trip that’s life. The difference is it’s a road trip, it’s a good time, you move from one place to another, making moves. And who doesn’t enjoy a good road trip. It sounds like a song you’d play when feeling good. It’s cool and chill.

Count It All Joy has this feel to it. The opening sound sets the mood. It gives off 80s/90s movie soundtrack vibes. The saxophone in the back is enticing. The message behind the track is all in the name. When all things seem bad you need to count it all as joy. The message is great but you can hardly hear Kenny’s voice. The instrumental overshadows parts of the song.

Free is wavy. From start to end you can’t help but to do a little head bop. The beat is narcee. It has different sounds that come together nicely and that coupled with Kenny’s flow and the little adlibs just works.

Chocolate comes in straight after. It sounds completely different from the other 3 songs. It comes in with a conversation between Kenny and Uncle Drip (Kenny’s alter ego). The beat has a unique sound. It sounds like a futuristic African drum. It’s sorta has and alternative vibe to it. It’s interesting and enticing.

As the interlude, Siboniso’s Interlude pulls through. I like it because it’s has a more relaxed feel to it. It has the features of a good interlude. Short, straight to the point and sort of a cleanser. The words are emotional and spiritual. The longer you listen the more you understand and relate.

10 Toes brings us back in and it’s all good vibes. He went all in with this one, which is funny because the song is all about going all in. He sings about vision, the Lord and being anchored. This is my favourite track on the EP. The beat is just as good, it’s great.

Self Aweh is a beautiful song. It’s about self love and self awareness. Peace of mind is not a popular topic in music, it makes this song gem. It’s a positive message. Also the vocals are on point. Perfectly blended together, sitting nicely on the beat.

Birth Certificate closes off the EP. Like self aweh, it’s calm. He sings about having a plan and grinding hard. It compliments self aweh in the sense that once you’re self aware, your path becomes clear, you know what you want. Birth Certificate is such an appropriate name because a birth certificate tells you and reminds you of who you are.

Friday the 18th by Drumerboy_Kenny is one to add to your playlist. It’s a good project and the team behind it put in the work. Support the artist by purchasing the album under the hashtag ProudToPay. It’s worth it.

Born Nonhlanhla Mpala. I am an introvert & piscean, hell of a combination. Music is my first love and my source of therapy hence I found it fitting to give you my opinion on new music and maybe just maybe, convince you that you need music. Lover of chicken and the finer things in life. Oh and I almost forgot, I am a Feminist.

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