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New Music: Tha Dawg – Chiedza

New Music

New Music: Tha Dawg – Chiedza

Today’s track is from Tha Dawg titled ‘Chiedza’ meaning light.

New Music: Tha Dawg - Chiedza

Every one wants light and guidance in their life. Good days will come and bad days will hit. It’s during these bad days when we most need ‘Chiedza’.

Today’s track is from Tha Dawg titled ‘Chiedza’ meaning light. The track is a mix of reggae with hip hop undertones.
No lie, this track is spiritual. When you listen to the words and take in the near, you feel it in your soul. The message is powerful. Tha Dawg, in a nutshell speaks about seeking guidance in life.

Tha Dawg’s voice was meant for this song. The clarity. It has a soothing effect, it makes you want to keep listening over and over again. This goes perfectly with the beat. The production that went into making this track is immaculate.

The video on the other hand looks like it came from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. The shots are amazing. The video features Tha Dawg and friends doing the minimum and somehow it makes sense. The director outdid himself here.

Tha Dawg says, “Hupenyu injuga varume,/ Asingakutsiure haakude,/ Asina muromo haakutuke,/ Asina mazino haakurume,/….,/ Pawaikiswa dama waitorohwa mpama,/ Dzisai chiedza,/ Dai maburutsa chiedza,/ Kune rima dai kwayedza,/ Ndakumbira ndakumbira chiedza.”  He’s basically saying Lord protect us from fake friends, so we can see the difference between friends and foes, let them not have anything on us that could hurt us. Bring light and remove the darkness.

Chiedza is different and pure. Kudos to Tha Dawg.

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Check out Chiedza here.

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Born Nonhlanhla Mpala. I am an introvert & piscean, hell of a combination. Music is my first love and my source of therapy hence I found it fitting to give you my opinion on new music and maybe just maybe, convince you that you need music. Lover of chicken and the finer things in life. Oh and I almost forgot, I am a Feminist.

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