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Press Release: Kuda Mic – Ragnarök

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Press Release: Kuda Mic – Ragnarök

Kuda Mic - Ragnarök

Kuda Mic – Ragnarök

Zimbabwe – Australian based rapper Kuda Mic released his newest single Ragnarök on the 22nd of October 2021. Kuda Mic’s new single ‘Ragnarök’ is inspired by everyone’s favourite cinematic universe. This brand-new single represents both the end and beginning of a new Kuda, as he continues to grow and evolve in his music. This sub-bass yet still elegant drill beat lays the foundation for a vibey track and Kuda delivers his usual snappy hooks and clever wordplay, with a little soothing aggression to bring it home. Kuda has unlocked a new level with this latest release and he hopes to introduce new listeners to his captivating story, told best through his rap roots.

Song Bio (Track Info)

Ragnarök is a song about the struggles the artist has faced as a rapper trying to juggle life and the gruelling art of dream chasing. It marks a shift in mentality, having long since positioned himself as simply a proud servant of the local music scene.

Someone who champions a United front and a collective push for growth and recognition. He has since come to realise that he’d make more of an impact towards those same goals, by asserting himself more and taking the reins. Ultimately, taking destiny into his own hands. To continue along a career path that brought him joy as well as success, a significant change Was necessary for him.

Having learnt more about himself and sound this year, he wanted to Give music the best chance to cut through by applying everything he has learnt. The best chance to succeed would require him to work from a blank slate. That’s where ‘Ragnarök’ comes in. The title is inspired by the apocalyptic Marvel event that marks the destruction and Extinction of the Asgardians (if you know, you know).

There’s no better time to “burn it all Down” and build a platform with stronger foundations for current and future listeners to get the best of his music. Listeners will be able to hear the raw emotion in this song, born out of the frustration of life Constantly finding a way to be an enemy of progress. We’ve simply got to find a way through It. This song stands as an anthem to anybody chasing their dreams.

There are endless Obstacles you will have to navigate, some much closer to home than you’d like to think… But You’ve got to keep it moving. Even if that means side-stepping some of those obstacles and taking a different route to your dreams. He is here for all of that. Here’s to everyone that would Make a hell of a masterpiece, if given a blank slate. There’s something for everyone in his catalogue and he’ll be making some exciting new additions in the coming months. The artist is also working on a special project and a handful of shows to close out the year, so stay tuned. There will be more information shared on his socials in due time. For now, keep that fire in your belly burning.

For those of you coming across his music for the first time, we encourage you to follow Kuda Mic
@thekudamicguy on your preferred socials including Spotify and other DSPs.

Available here:

Contact Kuda Mic via WhatsApp on +61 424 083 427.

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