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Press Release: Luminous – Ungay’vusa

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Press Release: Luminous – Ungay’vusa

Luminous is set to release his new single Ungay’vusa on all streaming platforms with the music Video on YouTube.

Luminous - Ungay’vusa

Luminous – Ungay’vusa

Friday, the 29th of October. Luminous is set to release his new single Ungay’vusa on all streaming platforms with the music Video on YouTube. Born Tinashe Mtetwa, Luminous is a Hip Hop Artist from Bulawayo, whose mantra is love God, love people and do what you want in that order. Luminous also has a background in Battle Rap and Spoken word.

The heart behind ungay’vusa, is Luminous fully embracing, the underdog lane, carving out his own path and building on what he started and making a brand promise to finish strong. Though the title is open to interpretation, Luminous had a scripture in mind when he penned his verses, Yashua posed a question, “who sets out to build a house without first calculating the cost and seeing if he has enough to finish, lest people laugh at him saying look he started but could not finish?” The premise of the song is if you start something will you see it through? That is a question applicable in a lot of things not just music.

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The Roll Out

‘Ungay’vusa’ is the second official single Luminous releases this year. Coming off the success of Regular, Ungay’vusa kicks start the Phase Two of Luminous’ 2021/22 release plan, a series he jokingly dubbed THE LUMINOUS CINEMATIC UNIVERSE (LCU). The roll out is modelled after his favourite movie studios- Marvel Studios’ MCU.

The rapper released a screenshot with a list of Phase One and two songs, a week before we saw the Official trailer/Short film for Phase Two. Phase One was called the Intro, which consisted of 8 song releases, one Official single (Regular), 4 Music Videos.

Phase Two is called #Bangers. This will see the release of more Official Singles. The rapper had been dropping hints in Phase One of his releases with lines like ‘My moves are pre-meditated nothing is by accident’ in Sunday morning freestyle, or “Look at my stride its ambiguous, you can just stan its Marvellous” in Regular and “My songs are movies, I don’t write verses, ngibhala ama-Monologues” in another Luminous Freestyle which was the final chapter of Phase One.

Enter-Short Film

Ungay’vusa Short Film

The short Film which also serves as the Official Trailer of Phase Two, was written and Directed by Pride Bongani who is the co-founder of Zazise wide and Luminous’ creative consultant. The film Stars T1nda AKA Tawanda Denga whose face is not shown but his voice is heard and represents the People (Public). His goal is to question the Talent, abilities
and vision of Luminous. In Questioning him, the voice of the people references a 2013 song by Luminous called ‘Uzenz’ uban?’. Luminous who makes his acting Debut in this, does not utter a single word, he instead, embodies Yashua who about to be crucified did not try to defend himself but willingly finished the task at hand. Luminous’ silence also indicates how Actions Speak Louder than words. This is a testament to his work ethic as he believes, his
work should speak for him.


The beat was made by Pardon Dube AKA Slayt who reached out to Luminous on Facebook. Song was recorded by Luminous (Tinashe Mtetwa) at his home studio, the arrangement of the song was done by Luminous and Larynx (Jacob Ngorima) who also did additional production on the beat and the mixing and mastering.

The colourful artwork was done by Pride Bongani, the art shows what the name Luminous means, though seated in a dark room, there are bright colours around Luminous which also light up the dark space. That really is who Luminous is as a person. The music video was Directed by Pride Bongani building on the Luminous theme.

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