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Simple habits of people with great skin

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Simple habits of people with great skin

Simple habits of people with great skin

If you are considering taking your skincare to the next level, keep reading to learn several habits of people with 10/10 skin.

Skincare products are all the rage these days and we all obsess over having and or maintaining clear skin now more than ever. Truth is you might have the most expensive and latest product out there but, what you put on your skin can only do so much. Knowing your skin type, having a satisfactory routine, as well as the right products for your skin are all very helpful however, they will not in any way make you immune to having “bad skin” from time to time. Other than what you apply on your face, a factor which can influence your skin’s appearance is your overall lifestyle.

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What you eat, your sleep schedule, including your day to day stress levels, these are all influences of what kind of lifestyle you are living. This is the kind of information you don’t find at your local beauty supply store, why? It’s simple really, healthy habits are not tangible and therefore cannot be sold! I like to think of it as free skincare and you should too. If you are considering taking your skincare to the next level, keep reading to learn several habits of people with 10/10 skin. It takes 21 days to form a habit and in this case, consistency is key. The following are some undemanding habits that promote remarkable skin;

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EXERCISE – exercising increases vascular flow and circulation which brings about more vibrant skin. It also provides more nutrients to skin cells and boosts cellular renewal. If you have decided to start being more active, it is imperative that you are or try to be strict on yourself in regards to being consistent. This is because starting and stopping will result in your hormones fluctuating, which is ultimately a setback rather than an advance.

DIET– consuming excess preservatives in food can have a negative effect on your skin. Eat clean, balanced meals as much as possible. Gravitate more towards food that consist of low lactose, healthy fats, plenty of protein, reduced sugar as well as fruit and vegetables, known for being rich in antioxidants.

WATER– the average human should be drinking 2 liters a day. Drink water religiously, not only when you’re thirsty. Being thirsty is your body’s way of communicating to you that your hydration levels are significantly low, and you in actual fact required water long before craving it. Staying hydrated promotes fuller, and suppler skin as opposed to having sunken eyes and an overall lifeless appearance.

SLEEP– it is recommended that we get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep in order to function normally. Besides the resting factor, when you’re sleeping all your energy is directed towards cellular renewal and organ system health. During this time your skin regenerates itself.

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STRESS MANAGEMENT– believe it or not, how you feel on the inside will manifest on the outside. For example, when you are generally in a good mood your skin is likely to be glowing and radiant, whereas when you’re stressed chances are you will notice a pimple or two developing on your face. To avoid this, participate in therapeutic activities or adopt a new relaxing hobby. Some popular ones include yoga, meditation and any form of artistic creativity, find what works for you.

SUNSCREEN– frequent application of sunscreen is crucial to protect and maintain your skin. If you haven’t already, go read the write up concerning this topic for more detailed information on this very website, just one click away!

HYGIENE– clean skin = clear skin therefore, it is essential to regularly clean all items that come into contact with your face e.g. glasses, pillow cases, your phone and makeup brushes. Doing this will lessen the amount of bacteria exchange between your skin and these various objects, thus lowering the probability of breaking out.

SELF LOVE– this is perhaps the most vital habit of them all. Learning to love and appreciate the way you look (pimples or no pimples) has a remarkable sway in how you act, feel and eventually look. See yourself the way you want to be seen, treat yourself the way you want to be treated! Remember, your skin is an organ and will not be affected strictly by what you apply to it directly. What you ingest, how you feel, combined with how you take care of your body as a whole will have an impact on your skin.

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