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What your acne breakouts say about your health

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What your acne breakouts say about your health

While these quick fixes can sometimes be helpful, it is even more helpful to ask yourself WHY you are breaking out.

It is highly unlikely for anyone to go through life without having experienced a breakout or two on the face. As human beings, this is completely normal and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Although having clear skin is very admirable and is the goal many of us are constantly working towards or trying to maintain, it is important to remember that a pimple sprouting up here and there is definitely not the end of the world.

Usually, whenever we experience these random breakouts we go straight into panic mode and look for the latest or most popular treatments in hopes of bettering our skin as quickly as possible. While these quick fixes can sometimes be helpful, it is even more helpful to ask yourself WHY you are breaking out.

Often when there is an imbalance of some sort or something just isn’t quite right involving your health, you will notice that your body is quick to show signs of that on the surface. These signs can appear in the form of rashes, discoloration or pimples.

In the event that you are experiencing a breakout on your face due to a health issue e.g. dehydration, treating the area on the surface is not going to clear your skin up completely and if it does, it won’t last. You are sure to face the same setback till it is dealt with appropriately.

The first step to knowing why your face is breaking out is to identify the area(s) in which your skin is under fire e.g. the hairline, forehead, above the eyebrows, between the eyebrows, eyes & ears, nose, cheeks, chin & jaw. Singling out the specific area(s) will give you better insight as to what the root of the problem is and how it can be resolved.

Furthermore, let’s learn what our skin is trying to communicate to us about our health when certain regions on our face become troublesome.


A breakout in the hairline area indicates that the hygiene in that spot isn’t up to scratch. It is likely that when shampooing hair or removing makeup product still remains and as a result builds up which then clogs the pores.


Zits on the forehead can be caused by stress, irregular sleep patterns, and/or a poor diet. They frequently appear to be hard clusters or cystic. Health wise, this displays that you may have a poor digestive system. It would be best to avoid foods that are high in fat, drink more water and other healthy fluids to detox the system.


This section is directly linked to your immune system. Pimples will arise here when you are/ about to be sick. It is advised to rest as much as possible, up water intake, and consume foods rich in vitamin C.


Breakouts between the eyebrows suggests turmoil concerning the liver. This can be triggered by eating excess sugary/ greasy processed foods, drinking too much alcohol, or food allergies and intolerances. Participating in a detox from ingesting these things would be effective.


This area is correlated to the kidneys. Dark circles and or acne around here can be influenced by dehydration. Your body is demanding more H2O. On average, you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Steer clear of caffeine and foods that contain surplus amounts of salt.


Countless open pores which become congested easily are around the nose. Pimples in this area can portray heart, gastrointestinal issues. Indulge in greens, nuts as well as omega rich fish to moderate high blood pressure. Consumption of spicy foods should be limited.


This region on the face is coupled with the respiratory system and breakouts can be impelled by smoking and stress. Be sure to change pillow cases and wash makeup brushes regularly as an extra precaution.


Breakouts in these areas are greatly influenced by hormones and usually emerge just before or during your menstrual cycle. By reason of a probable hormonal imbalance there is not much that can be done, apart from keeping hydrated, resting and consistent exercising.

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