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New Music: Gang O (Murphy Cubic, Amany, MJ Sings) – La Liga EP

New Music

New Music: Gang O (Murphy Cubic, Amany, MJ Sings) – La Liga EP

Gang O is a trio that consists of producer, Murphy cubic and two vocalists Amany and MJ Sings

Gang O La Lig

What happens when a multi talented Producer teams up with two amazing vocalists? One word, FIREWORKS. Gang O is a trio that consists of producer, Murphy cubic and two vocalists Amany and MJ Sings. Koloyi is the lead single taken out of the LaLiga EP which is an experimental project. Gang O , a word play for gango which is a fusion of different creatives in one project. (Gango is a meal that consists of different kinds of meat made into one meal).
After the release of Koloyi they decided to create more music and serve the audience as they explore different sound including dance instrumentals.

Their love for music brought them together to make La Liga, a five track EP. The sound is something we rarely receive from local artists but they chose to break that barrier. We have seen how amapiano has taken over in just a blink of an eye. They also decided to ride the wave. One thing that stands out is how much the beat and the vocals are in sync, they match so well, the perfect match!

They start of the EP with Take It Easy, almost the perfect intro to any musical piece. This sounds a message to a lover, begging them to slow down and take things easy, in the relationship setup.

On the next song they team up with another amazing vocalist, Kyla Blac, to give us Monica. As the name suggests, it’s definitely dedicated to a lady. Here the vocalists are asking this lady in question if she would choose either one of them to be with them.

Thixo is the next song on the EP. This song is quite special to me. After what we’ve experienced during this pandemic, it hits close to home. The musicians here are thanking God for life, whilst many have lost theirs, they’re grateful to still be here. And they continue to ask for guidance from the One above, where He leads they follow. This song definitely pushes you to dance and be grateful to still be alive.

Next up is Koloyi. This one was the first release of the EP. It blew my mind when I first heard it and I knew what was to come of this EP. Koloyi is slang for a car. This gives the feeling that it’s not just a car that they’re talking about, it’s a fast car, more like those used in get aways by Robbers after a heist. They’re asking us to hop in the car with them, to escape the realities of life, just for a little while and to have fun in the car as we escape.

To wrap up the EP, the last track is the title of the album, La Liga. Whenever La Liga the first thing we think of is football, a competition from Spain. This song is about their wishes to penetrate the music industry and to dominate it by introducing a different sound that the youth vibe with.

La Liga is available on streaming platforms. Watch the Koloyi video on YouTube. Keep an eye out for the second video, Take it Easy, which should be out soon!

Hello my name is Daniel Manyau. When I’m not crunching numbers, I write about anything and everything.

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