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New Music: Bruce Ncube – Ngizabuyel’ Ekhaya

Sibuyel' Ekhaya With Bruce Ncube

New Music

New Music: Bruce Ncube – Ngizabuyel’ Ekhaya

Bruce serenades you with a simple and rich tone of Ndebele that is accompanied with a beautiful jazz instrumental

Sibuyel' Ekhaya Lo Bruce NcubeThere is no place like home. This week Bruce Ncube takes us on a trip with his track Ngizabuyel’ Ekhaya. An afro jazz production released by the Zimbabwean born singer songwriter, percussionist based in the UK.

The storyline of the track is simple. It narrates the story of a soul who longs to travel but instead makes the decision to travel back home. Bruce serenades you with a simple and rich tone of Ndebele that is accompanied with a beautiful jazz instrumental. It’s soothing.

There is something about this song that gives you memories you never experienced. It has a nostalgic feeling. Any old soul, even younger souls, can relate to this song. It makes you feel at home. For some reason, each time I listen to it, I picture an old bakkie. On a dust road headed to a local rural supermarket. It’s a grounding feeling.

Everything about this song screams nostalgia. Despite having thoughts of going to other places, his heart yearns for home. And all he can think about is the family and the feeling of happiness he experiences there. He sings ” Ngoba ekhaya yikho laph’ okulabazali,/ Ngoba ekhaya yikho lapho okulenjabulo ma,/ Ngiyahamba mina ngifun’ ukuya le,/ …,/ Kodwa ngizabuyel’ ekhaya.” (Home is where my parents are, home is where happiness is, I want to go here and there, but I’m going back home.)

When it all comes down to it we have to go back to where we come from to find ourselves and experience true happiness. Deep inside we all yearn for that feeling of being home. We are rooted and connected to home.

Check out Bruce’s track here.

Ngizabuyel’ Ekhaya

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