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Msiz’Kay’s Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami Music Video is Here!

Msiz’Kay’s Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami Music Video is Here!

The much anticipated video for Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami by Msiz’kay, Awa Khiwe and Mzoe7 is out. The video was directed by Corey

The much anticipated video has finally hit the streets. I am talking about none other than Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami by Msiz’kay, Awa Khiwe and Mzoe7. The video was directed by Corey and it embodies the concept of unrequited love.

Shot in the city of Bulawayo, we are taken into a realm of love and “ukufela ngaphakathi.” Msiz’kay plays the role of protagonist who is and has been in love with his childhood friend. The opening scene of the video is the said love interest dropping all her plans to be with her current beau. All while Msiz’kay watches ‘the girl of his dreams’ walk off with another guy. We are then shown snippets from his memory of him and his girl from their childhood and as they grew up together. The plot of the video and song is the anguish one goes through when the person they love, loves someone else. You die a little bit inside because you never got the opportunity to profess your love to them.

The one shot of Msiz’Kay against the durawall literally flabbergasted is gold!

Corey did justice to this song. The shots are great and perfectly capture the full imagery of the track. The setting was well chosen, with flashbacks having the appropriate filters and shots. The track talks about a simple thing that is childhood love. It was translated into a simple video with few but relevant elements. Overall the video embodied the theme of the track in its entirety. Awa Khiwe and Mzoe 7’s verses are the icing on the cake in this one. Awa’s rap skills complement Msiz’kay’s verse while Mzoe brings it all together to form the great work that Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami.

Will all that being said, it would be ignorant of me to ignore the tribute to King Vin. Subtle but still powerful, Long Live Cal_Vin and may his soul rest in peace.

If you haven’t checked this video out, I do not know what you are waiting for. Check it out below.

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