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New Music – Mawiza – Last Namba 2.0

New Music

New Music – Mawiza – Last Namba 2.0

Last Namba 2.0 features Noluntu J, M_Kay, Switchy, Ryan Synth, Elihle, Skido Flex and Asante Mo

Mawiza - Last Namba 2.0

Mawiza – Last Namba 2.0

After dropping Last Namba just over 2 years ago, Mawiza is here to give us another album titled “Last Namba 2.0”. I’ve been excited to listen to this from the time I heard that he would be releasing this amazing body of work.

Last Namba 2.0 features Noluntu J, M_Kay, Switchy, Ryan Synth, Elihle, Skido Flex and Asante Mo, with production credits from Skaiva, Ryan Synth, Phanas, Skido Flex. The level of effort that has been put in this album is absolutely breath taking. It is mostly influenced by Kwaito sounds. When you talk of kwaito I know your mind goes straight to the era of the Trompies, Arthur Mafokate, Lebo Mathosa and many others. Mawiza has proved through his music that he is just as good.

The album starts off with *Do-re-mi-fa-so*, now  this one really grabbed my attention, it features Noluntu J, M_Kay, Switchy and was produced by Phanas. Noluntu J came in hard on this one, her flow together with the fast paced beat made this the perfect intro to the album.

The next song *No or Yes*, this one features Elihle and her voice was soothing and beautiful. This song is about how there’s a misunderstanding between two people and I would guess that these are lovers. They can’t seem to agree on anything, one is saying yes and the other is saying no, hence the title of the song. He says

“Mangithi ngiyangena yena uyaphuma, akusazwanana”

There’s definitely some tension there!

Whilst many often say “it will end in tears” and they don’t mean in a good way, and it’s used in reference to relationships that eventually they will end. Mawiza has a different view and declares that it won’t end in tears, the next song *It will end in Lobola*. It features Ryan Synth and M_Kay. Like most songs In this album, you can hear from the production that there is amapiano and kwaito influence. He begins to rap and tell us how he has loved this girl for a while and how the elders have agreed that this is the girl for him. He’s ready to take it to the next step.

*Kubuhlungu* is next on the playlist and features Elihle. Her voice is beautiful and really stood out for me in this song. This song has a heavy kwaito presence. Kubuhlungu means it hurts. The song talks about how even though we may be hurting we will still smile. “Noma kubuhlungu siya smiler mfethu”. Despite all the troubles that we go through we will still dance and enjoy. Mawiza gives a shout out to the late rapper Cal Vin.

Hello my name is Daniel Manyau. When I’m not crunching numbers, I write about anything and everything.

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