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6Ft Weights: Bulawayo’s Finest Podcast!!

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6Ft Weights: Bulawayo’s Finest Podcast!!

Presenting Bulawayo’s finest podcast titled 6ft Weights by the “chiz boys” Thabo Maphosa and Senamiso Moyo

People often say that podcasts are a thing of the past, however 2020 has come in and proved everyone wrong! Podcasts are an interesting form of entertainment which will not be leaving the scene any time soon. Today I am here to tell you about the littiest podcast to ever land on the ears of the people! To be honest if you haven’t listened to these guys then you need to check yourself and go and listen to them immediately!!

Presenting Bulawayo’s finest podcast… 6ft Weights!! The “chiz boys”, Thabo Maphosa and Senamiso Moyo are here to give you a good laugh, reminisce about the good old days and get you talking about topics that we often overlook. They are here to bring the tea and it is hot!

These two childhood best friends are a dynamic duo that aren’t to be messed with. Their podcast is made for the people of Bulawayo and is very relatable especially if you are someone who grew up in the city of Kings and Queens. They tackle many issues from football, relationships, basketball, friendships, music, childhood memories, family dynamics, IT, law advice and many many more! There is a segment for everybody! They have such warm personalities and voices that keep the listeners captivated. They are always up-to-date with the latest news and trends so believe me when I say; 6ft Weights is where it is at.

The thing I love about this podcast is the authenticity of it all. They will only speak the truth and nothing but the truth, which is what will keep you coming back for more. 6ft Weights is also a podcast that incorporates their listeners into the episodes! There is a segment on the show called “Siyazama”, where listeners are able to DM Thabo and Sena about any advice or issues they would want tackled. It is my favourite, for the laughs obviously, but also because they manage to make their followers part of the show!

6ft Weights releases a new episode every Friday so you get to start the weekend on a good point, with bonus content as well!! Their consistancy is impeccable so you can definitely expect fresh content every week! So what are you waiting for? Get to listening! You can catch 6ft Weights on several platforms because they are for the people and believe in fair distribution of the tea.

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You can check out their pinned tweet, and there you will find the links to the podcast.

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