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Getting To Know Lorenzo!

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Getting To Know Lorenzo!

The Project is Titled “WOMEN (EP). Be on the look-out for this one. It is going be epic!

Tatenda Lorenzo Nyamararo

Tatenda Lorenzo Nyamararo is a 22 year old Musician based in Limpopo, South Africa who I had the pleasure of getting to know. Tatenda, who uses Lorenzo as his stage name, understands the power of music and plans to use this power to bring joy to people through sound.

He is a shy young man who, besides the engineering of music; has other simple hobbies such as cars, video games, he also dabbles in beat boxing! A man of many talents!

Ingudukazi: So Lorenzo, let the readers know; How long have you been in the music industry

Lorenzo: About 10 years now

Ingudukazi: Wow! Which means you started off at a young age! Given the time frame, it shows you much really have a passion for what you do.

Lorenzo: Yes! You bet! Music is something I have a strong love for and I am very good at. I love the creating process, it is one process I could get lost in for hours.

Ingudukazi: Interesting! I can feel the overflowing love for it. Would you care to tell us about your first serious project? What got you into the music scene?

Lorenzo: My first project was me having fun in the studio making music with people I just met and testing the waters to see how it feels like dropping my own music independently and the Project is Titled Piano SAN (EP).

Ingudukazi: Hmmm! That is pretty impressive, then one thing led to another, it became a full time thing! I can only imagine how demanding the music industry can be sometimes. How do you deal with all the pressure? I’m sure you get cloudy days.

Lorenzo: Yah I do find myself blocked out and dealing with cases that I can’t make music so what I do is I don’t make music I cool off watch a movie take an off from the studio go out and after like a week or month I will be motivated again to hit studio and make music as usual it comes with its days and moods so I go with the flow.

Ingudukazi: It is all about knowing when to recharge I see. A time out really does give a different perspective on things. So with that being said, what or who inspires you? What’s your favorite song?

Lorenzo: My favourite song, I’d have to say is: Encore by Eminem. I am a big fan of his music and this song always gets me in the zone. Although Snoop dog is my inspiration and Dr Dre being the second and Jay Z as well and someone who has nothing to do with Music Warren Buffet.

Ingudukazi: So what are you currently working on? Give us the inside scoop!

Lorenzo: My Current Project is About “Women” That I cared about a lot and some of them I still do. The Project is Titled “WOMEN (EP). Be on the look-out for this one. It is going be epic!



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